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Project Runway: It Was All About The Blues

October 01, 2009 08:56 PM by DA Southern


Project Runway does team action again as the designers seek, with the help of Macy’s, to have a dream of a lifetime delivered to them by winning the challenge. The winning design will go on sale at Macy and a definite feather in the cap of the winning designers. However, with fame comes heartache as the odds of losing two designers becomes a distinct possibility. Add to the fact that Michael Kors returns to savage the designers and their designs and you have yourself another fun day on the Project Runway.

The designers all lamented the pace of the competition as well as the competition as they headed off to meet Heidi. Heidi immediately reminded Nicolas that he was not going to be eliminated and off they went to meet the Tim-man.


A Macy executive told the designers that they had a blue challenge this go-round and the winner would design a garment that would sell at Macy’s for the Holidays. Tim then added that it was a team-challenge, which had several of the designers looking a bit glum because they are not good at playing nice with others.

Each of the designers presented to the Macy exec and Irina, Althea, Carol Hannah, Christopher and Louise were designated the team leaders. The leaders picked their team mates and off to choose their fabric.

The teams were Epperson/Christopher, Louise/Nicolas, Carol Hannah/Shirin, Althea/Logan and Gordana/Irina.

The workroom was awash in blue and the teams were fracturing at every turn as you could see the seeds of discontent forming making it easier for the teammates to throw each other under the bus, if need be.


Tim was in for his usually walk-thru and he seemed to like Carol Hannah’s ideas but not-so-much with Louise and Nicolas. Logan and Althea’s design intrigued Tim but the design by Irina and Gordana left him wondering about their vision and Epperson and Christopher’s design “had potential” according to Tim and in strutted the models.

Our boy, Nicolas, was awash in his usual witty comments about other designs and he targeted ruffles that he hated saying that they were a design ploy to hide imperfections. Wow, don’t tell that to most brides, Nicolas.

Runway and Elimination Day

The designers went into their usual last-minute hectic mode and out came the tape and safety pens to keep the garments together as the models were sent to hair and makeup. Heidi greeted everyone and reiterated the challenge and welcomed back Michael Kors, which sent the fear of God into faces of several of the designers. I can guarantee that Kors will make someone cry tonight. Heidi then gave the designers a shock when it was told that one or more would be eliminated tonight.


The blue designs filled the runway, Althea and Logan were called safe and the rest were high and low on the scale. Carol Hannah’s designs were loved by the judges; Irina and Gordana were a bit at odds with each other before they were even told by the judges if their designs were pleasing. Not a great move.

The lowest score designers were called back and Louise and Nicolas had some ‘splanin to do and Nicolas became the silent man as the ruffles on the design were savaged by Kors and Heidi. Christopher and Epperson, who were very confident in their designs, were told their dress looked like a librarian’s dress and Kors could not stop with his criticism. Sure enough, Christopher started to cry. Told ya!


Heidi declared Shirin as safe and told Irina that she was the winner of the challenge, but she would not have immunity for the next challenge. Gordana, Carol Hannah and Epperson were safe and Nicolas was told he was lucky to have had immunity. Christopher and Louise were then told that one or both would be eliminated and then they were each savaged once again for their designs. Louise was called “Auwt” and Christopher was safe, which sent the tears flowing once again from him.


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