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Survivor: Samoa — Battling With Ben

October 01, 2009 07:11 PM by Ryan Haidet


With the game just seven days old, tension is getting thick at the Foa Foa tribe on Survivor: Samoa — especially between Jaison and Ben.  Jaison couldn’t believe how Ben acted at Tribal Council the night before toward Yasmin when he called her “ghetto trash.”  He was ready to do whatever possible to make sure Ben was the next person to have his torch snuffed.  But Evil Russell H. had a plan of his own — he vowed to control everybody’s minds like zombies when it came to voting people off.

Controversial Ben

At the Foa Foa camp, Ben was teaching Mick how to make a fire with the little flint they had left.  Ben said in a confessional that everybody out there was a “pansy” who didn’t know what they were doing.  “Without my help, these people would die.  I saved the day once again,” Ben exclaimed after he sparked a fire.  But after “saving the day,” bad-boy Ben told the rest of the camp what his morning bowel movement was like.  Classy.  Just what America wanted to know.


Ben’s attitude and negativity put a huge target on his back, but Russell H. was working to save him from elimination.  So the pair made an agreement that it was time to take out Ashley in a blindside vote.


Over at Galu, Laura led several tribe members in a yoga session.  “We don’t always have to be in game mode,” she said.  But Shambo couldn’t believe they were wasting their time.  She felt alienated from what she dubbed the “90210 clique,” saying they don’t have water, food or fire wood, and couldn’t understand how they had time to lay around and do yoga.

Splash Battle


Before the combined Immunity/Reward Challenge, both tribes got their bathing suits in treemail.  That was perfect timing, too, because they squared off in a very physical water challenge immediately after.  In the contest, the tribes had to rush out into the water and gather four separate crates.  But getting to the crates was the tough task since there was a “Battle Zone” in which members of the other tribe tried to block their path.  Once retrieved, those colored crates were to be used as pieces in a vertical puzzle.


After the brutal battle, Galu won yet again.  Not only did they take home the Immunity Idol, but Russell S. (tribe leader) was given the option to choose a Reward — either comfort (pillows, towels and mats) or function in the form of a tarp.  Russell S. quickly chose to take home the comfort, which some of his tribemates thought was a poor decision.


Then Russell S. chose to send Shambo over to the Foa Foa camp so she could observe their living situation and the upcoming Tribal Council.


Shambo At Foa Foa

Shambo introduced herself and embraced everybody in big hugs, which was a total change from what Yasmin’s visit was like.  Shambo felt like she had more in common with Foa Foa than her own tribe.

As she tried to be helpful and make good relationships, Shambo was on a mission to find the hidden Immunity Idol unaware that Russell H. had already found it.  While she made it look like she was collecting fire wood, Shambo dug all around one tree while strategy started stirring up.

Jaison said he was willing to do anything to ensure Ben’s ouster — including threatening to walk out of the game.  After Russell H. had won Mick over with a plan against Ashley, he worked on Jaison saying that if they eliminate Ben next that the women would have a number advantage.

But Jaison was determined.

Tribal Council Trial

At Tribal Council, Jaison campaigned hard for Ashley, calling her an amazing person who contributes a lot at camp.  He then called Ben a bully who does nothing but yell at people.  Ben got heated up by Jaison’s remarks and argued that he had not started a single fight so far in the game.

After several minutes of verbal fights, the seven members of Foa Foa cast their ballots.  When it was revealed, Ben was voted out of the game.


Images courtesy of Monty Brinton/CBS.

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