Shark Tank: Episode Eight

October 6, 2009 09:58:13 by Cindy Adams


On tonight’s episode of Shark Tank, two men share and sell notes, a woman creates functional playthings, a man thinks he has the solution to the inevitable missing sock, and a clothing designer wants the Sharks to invest in his washed up creations. Also, two women who received help from a Shark several weeks ago reveal how their company has blossomed due to their appearance in the Shark Tank.

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The Biggest Loser Tests The Losers Willpower

October 6, 2009 08:31:33 by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser has a new way to be motivated to lose weight; Have everyone dislike you so much that as soon as you drop below the yellow line, off you go home to lose weight on your own. At least that is the path that Tracey has chosen for herself after coming back in the second week after collapsing on the first day and causing so much of a ruckus that no one cares for her. There is never a dull moment on The Biggest Loser ranch.

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Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis Is Drunk With Power

October 6, 2009 08:13:30 by Britteny Elrick


As you might imagine, Jeff Lewis is still mulling over his falling out with his business partner Ryan.  In order to make himself feel better, he forces Jenny and Sarah to wear $4 smocks all day just because he can.  Meanwhile, Ryan is making additions to his house to prepare it for sale and sticking to his guns that he didn’t wrong Jeff. Keep reading to find out what else happened on tonight’s episode of Flipping Out

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Hell’s Kitchen Finally Gets Serious With The Final Three

October 6, 2009 07:24:06 by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen has taken us down to the Top Four and if there was ever a motley bunch of chefs left as we sprinted towards the finish line on Hell’s Kitchen, this season would be the clear winner. With a one-armed chef in Dave, who if nothing else has shown us his ability to play through the pain, to Ariel’s moments of brilliance, Tennille’s overconfidence and brash delivery and Kevin’s moments of leadership, quite frankly it is truly anyone’s competition to claim. Tonight should give us a pretty good indication of who Chef Ramsay sees as potential greatness, but we may just be surprised along the way.

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Dancing With the Stars 10/06/09: Two Stars Go Home Tonight

October 6, 2009 07:18:23 by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on Dancing With The Stars, Queen Latifah performed along with the Hip Hop group Jabbawockeez in the Macy’s Stars of Dance. After a crazy night of dancing last night, whose fun will end tonight and with Tom injuring himself with two stress fractures in his feet, will there be not one, but two eliminations tonight?

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Nancy Grace Rips Jon Gosselin A New One

October 6, 2009 03:08:20 by Britteny Elrick


Gee whiz, where’s Nancy Grace when you need her?  Oh, right here, ripping Jon Gosselin a new one on The Insider!  Can you imagine anything better? As usual, Nancy didn’t put up with any excuses and she continually shut up his lawyer, Mark Heller, when he tried to speak on Jon’s behalf.  At one point, renders him speechless.  This is priceless viewing pleasure and we’ve got the video clip right here for you…

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Bravo To Air New Reality Series ‘Chef Academy’

October 6, 2009 01:32:52 by Britteny Elrick


Bravo is premiering a new reality TV series, Chef Academy, on Monday, November 16 at 11 ET/PT.  The show will follow French chef Jean-Christophe Novelli’s as he attempts to open a culinary institute in Los Angeles.  Novelli is a Michelin and 5AA Rosette award-winning chef who currently operates restaurants in London, France and South Africa and was dubbed the “World’s Sexiest Chef” by The New York Times. Oh, so we’re going to have more than just pretty food to look at…

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Dancing With The Stars: Gilles Marini Suprises His Wife

October 6, 2009 11:17:44 by Britteny Elrick


If there’s anyone who knows how to make his wife happy, it’s Gilles Marini.  On last season’s Dancing With The Stars, we got to know Gilles a little bit better and watched as he gushed about the great relationship he shares with his wife Carole.  Recently, Gilles surprised her with quite the gift on her 32nd birthday…

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Flipping Out: Previews For October 6, 2009

October 6, 2009 08:52:04 by Britteny Elrick


On tonight’s episode of Flipping Out, Ryan is going full steam ahead with his plan to move to Santa Barbara, and he is installing a pool to raise the value of his home before selling.  Then Jeff Lewis gets fed up with his contractor, Vlad, but he’s so far into the project that he can’t fire him at this point.  Oh dear, not being able to fire someone must be very stressful for Jeff.  Check out the following previews…

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Reality TV Listings: October 6, 2009

October 6, 2009 06:39:02 by Christine McDow


We love Tuesday nights for reality television! Dancing with the Stars and Shark Tank are on ABC and The Biggest Loser is on NBC again.  On FOX you have Hell’s Kitchen and So You Think You Can Dance. Your Reality TV Listings today also bring you a lot of other selections on cable TV.  Be sure to look below and see if your favorite show is on today or not. Have fun watching!

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