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Dancing With the Stars 10/06/09: Two Stars Go Home Tonight

October 06, 2009 07:18 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on Dancing With The Stars, Queen Latifah performed along with the Hip Hop group Jabbawockeez in the Macy’s Stars of Dance. After a crazy night of dancing last night, whose fun will end tonight and with Tom injuring himself with two stress fractures in his feet, will there be not one, but two eliminations tonight?


Chuck and Anna were chosen by the judges tonight to dance their fun Samba from last evening. Chuck actually looked much more relaxed tonight than he did last night. Hopefully if he stays tonight, this will give him a boost of confidence. After their dance, guest star Queen Latifah sang Fast Car.


Michael and Anna hit the bottom of the pack last night and in first place were Mya and Dmitry. After the viewers votes last night, the lowest scoring males Tom and Cheryl, and Chuck and Anna were told they were safe while Michael and Anna were in jeopardy.

The stars tonight explained how hard being on the show actually is, especially how frightened they were the very first time they stepped onto the Dancing With The Stars stage. Then Tom came out with his partner Cheryl and told everyone that he did not have the ability to go on in the show with his injuries. It was nice for him to be able to go out and be safe while he makes his exit. In the interest in fairness, the show was still going to do an elimination this week.


Next the highest scoring females; Mya and Dmitry and Natalie and Alec were told that they were safe this week while Joanna and Derek were in jeopardy.

The four remaining men; Donny and Kym, Louie and Chelsie and Mark and Lacey were then told by host Tom Bergeron that they were safe and then told Aaron and Karina that they were still in jeopardy.


Next Jabbawockeez performed a wonderful routine to Singing in the Rain hip hop style with pro dancers Lacey and Mark dancing with them.

Queen Latifah came back out and sang, Ease On Down the Road and then the show tried to predict who would be the winner this year based the the past season’s dancer, The Woz’s predictions!

Next, Debi and Maks were told that they were in jeopardy while, Kelly and Louis and Melissa and Mark were safe.


Back to the elimination, Michael and Anna, Joanna and Derek, Aaron and Karina and Debi and Maks were up on the chopping block. Joanna and Derek and Aaron and Karina were let off the hook. This week Michael and Anna were safe, while Debi and Maks were going home tonight.

Next week, the dancers will be dancing all new dances on Dancing With The Stars at 8 PM ET on ABC.

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