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Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis Is Drunk With Power

October 06, 2009 08:13 PM by Britteny Elrick


As you might imagine, Jeff Lewis is still mulling over his falling out with his business partner Ryan.  In order to make himself feel better, he forces Jenny and Sarah to wear $4 smocks all day just because he can.  Meanwhile, Ryan is making additions to his house to prepare it for sale and sticking to his guns that he didn’t wrong Jeff. Keep reading to find out what else happened on tonight’s episode of Flipping Out

Jeff is still stewing about his conversation with Ryan. He thinks that Ryan’s dishonesty is bad business, and Jenny empathizes with him.  Jeff continues to say that last year the entire company almost had to be laid off, meanwhile Ryan was growing his business and not sharing it with him. Ryan says that all of the distrust is beginning to wear on him, but he’s come to expect that sort of behavior from Jeff. Despite the drama, he works to prepare his home for sale and makes some additions such as a pool.


During dinner time, Trace the intern reveals that Jeff is in charge of grading his intern evaluation.  Jeff starts to feel drunk with power, considering he could affect his overall GPA. Later on, a visit to Buena Park makes Jeff realize that Vlad is worthless. However, Jeff admits he is too far into the project to fire him at this point.


When Jeff realizes there’s some tough business to take care of, Jenny turns into her alter ego, Deb, to take care of it.  Apparently, Jenny made up the character several years ago and Jeff wanted her to start using it when they needed to get tough. When Jeff and Jenny visit Vlad again, Jeff is frustrated that Vlad never takes any notes. After Vlad insists that he has memorized what Jeff wants him to do, Jeff quizzes him on the details.  Really, he just wants to embarrass him. In Jeff’s words: he gets points for knowing his name, I guess.


On the car ride home, Jeff let’s Jenny have it in regards to being distracted with auditions. Jeff insists that her career comes first, but she insists otherwise. Then he tortures Sarah later by making her wear a $4 smock all day. I’m still not even sure why.  After that, he makes Jenny wear one too because he insists she didn’t send off a check.

While Jeff is trying to deal with the emotions of losing his best friend Ryan, he tells us that the people he works with are like his family and gets a wee bit sentimental on us.

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  1. sophie Says:
    October 11th, 2009 at 11:55 am

    does anybody knows what’s the full name of Vlad or the name of his company? would really be helpful to me
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