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Hell’s Kitchen Finally Gets Serious With The Final Three

October 06, 2009 07:24 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen has taken us down to the Top Four and if there was ever a motley bunch of chefs left as we sprinted towards the finish line on Hell’s Kitchen, this season would be the clear winner. With a one-armed chef in Dave, who if nothing else has shown us his ability to play through the pain, to Ariel’s moments of brilliance, Tennille’s overconfidence and brash delivery and Kevin’s moments of leadership, quite frankly it is truly anyone’s competition to claim. Tonight should give us a pretty good indication of who Chef Ramsay sees as potential greatness, but we may just be surprised along the way.

The Chefs dragged themselves to their loft with the realization that they were the top four but the party was short lived as the chefs knew that in spite of the poor service, they had to perform like no other times in their careers or no Araxi prize for them.


A miniature version of Chef Ramsay appeared and imitated Chef Ramsay impeccably, even to the point of calling them all “A bunch of donkeys”. Chef Ramsay then came out and managed a smile as he kidded with the Top Four and gave us one of the best lines of the night when he said that there was “No bigger pain than vegetarians” and told the chefs they were to create a vegetarian dish for eighty guests who were arriving in an hour. As the chefs hustled to complete their tasks, the guest arrived, all children, and Chef Ramsay said they didn’t even like vegetables.

The screaming kids shocked the chefs and the four were going to be judged by the kids in the end. All four were pretty concerned about being judged for vegetables and many of the kids did a classic Chef Ramsay by spitting out many of the vegetable dishes. After the ballots were cast, Kevin’s dish was the least favorite and Dave and Tennille’s dishes were the top two, with Tennille finally pulling out a victory at a crucial moment.


Tennille and Chef Ramsay went out to lunch together and, of course, the other three were set to clean up the dining room and kitchen. Tennille was so loud as she talked about her day with Chef Ramsay and her makeover, as she always is, and Dave was quite funny as he picked up candy off of the floor from the remains of the kids excursion into Hell’s Kitchen.

Chef Ramsay said that he chefs could do better and that the key ingredient was passion and that he was looking for it tonight. Kevin was on appetizers and wanted to impress Chef Ramsay that he deserved to win.

Kevin started the service off great but Tennille dragged with her scallops, but finally got into a groove. As we got to the entrees, once again Dave’s arm was the cause of his leaving the floor in pain. It would be a shame to see him go out now because of the arm, but at this point, Dave can’t rely on a bunch of people to carry him through to the next round. Kevin was incensed that Dave was still around, probably because he knows that he can beat both the women, and desired him to be taken out.


Tennille’s sea bass was a disaster and Chef Ramsay took the opportunity to show everyone what not to do when cooking fish. Tennille could be in trouble here and her bravado may finally be sizzling out as she completely shut down in her communication with the other chefs. Chef Ramsay finally took Tennille to the backroom for a tongue-lashing surely giving the other chefs breather room as they were not being lambasted by Chef Ramsay.

It was clear that Dave and Tennille were going up; Dave for bad injury and Tennille for bad fish. Chef Ramsay was concerned that Dave was not strong enough to complete, but after an impassioned plea from Dave, Chef Ramsay turned to Tennille and said that he was not going to prolong her agony any longer and sent her out of Hell’s Kitchen.


The three chefs went up to celebrate but Chef Ramsay called them back down saying that he “Had some unfinished business.” Chef Ramsay wondered if he had made the right decision to keep Dave in Hell’s Kitchen, but all was well as the chefs were greeted by their families for that boost to complete in final stretch.

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