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The Biggest Loser Tests The Losers Willpower

October 06, 2009 08:31 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser has a new way to be motivated to lose weight; Have everyone dislike you so much that as soon as you drop below the yellow line, off you go home to lose weight on your own. At least that is the path that Tracey has chosen for herself after coming back in the second week after collapsing on the first day and causing so much of a ruckus that no one cares for her. There is never a dull moment on The Biggest Loser ranch.

The Losers are still immersed in game play and no one is better than perennial whiner, Shay, who has set her sights on Tracey to be the next one gone. Trainer Bob, is never pleased when people play a game instead of focusing on losing weight and stated it when he said that everyone needed to be there not one person over another.


Julio is getting a lot of face time early on, which does not bode well for his survival. It is kind of like in the old Star Trek episodes when the red shirt crewman, who you never saw before that episode, was killed by some ruthless alien. Even more clues as to Julio’s fate was when Jillian asked him why he was there and he said he didn’t know except he had always been good at food. Well, if that wasn’t a “Duh” moment nothing is on The Biggest Loser.

Our girl, Tracey, is given some bad news from Dr. H and he tells her that her enzymes are all out of whack sending her into resting all week and putting all of the pressure on Coach Mo once again to keep them at the ranch for another week.


Host Allison Sweeney tells the losers that they were locked out of the kitchen this week and have to eat out every meal I smell trouble a brewin’ for many of the Losers but first a pop challenge about choosing healthy foods. The winners would get healthy food for a year and Amanda and Rebecca won when they guessed closest with their 385 calorie guess.

The ordering out was indeed challenging for the Losers as they tried to take what they had learned into their food ordering choices, but none of them felt comfortable with the people preparing the food correctly or with themselves for staying in the guidelines they had earned to date.


Bob and Jillian decided to treat the Losers to a dinner and lo and behold, for once it wasn’t Subway. Instead, it was a Mexican restaurant where they gave the losers a crash-course in ordering in a more challenging environment.

After that it was back to the immunity challenge where the Losers were going to have to hang for survival and immunity. Simple enough, each Loser would have to hang on to a handlebar and a platform will continue to get steeper and steeper. There can be only one and the Losers dropped pretty quickly as Liz was the first out followed by Danny, Amanda, Rudy, Rebecca, Dina, Mo, Shay, who surprisingly lasted over ten minutes, and Julio leaving Daniel and Allen hanging for their lives, well, at least for their ranch lives. Daniel and Allen hung for what seemed forever for the coveted immunity prize, but Daniel hung on to keep him and Shay safe for the next weigh-in.

The Last Chance Workout

The last chance workout was brutal with Bob taking over the Jillian role as tormentor of the Losers and the excuses of the Losers seemed to be flowing, especially from Rudy to Jillian, which is always a mistake. After the Losers bad eating during the week since being locked out of the kitchen and eating out all week, the relentless pounding from Bob and Jillian was especially brutal at the Last Chance Workout.


Coach Mo was exercising for two since Tracey was once again a stumbling block to the Purple Team’s chance of staying yet another week as she could not work out due to Doctor H’s orders. With Coach Mo’s body completely giving out and Tracey unable to exercise, no one would be shocked if the Purple Team was gone by the end of the night.

The Weigh-In

Allison greeted the Losers and reminded everyone that Daniel and Shay had immunity but that with everyone eating out this week, the Losers will have been challenged with the food choices they made and that the team falling below the yellow line that received the most votes would be leaving the ranch.

Orange Team, Daniel and Shay lost 0 and 5 pounds, but had immunity

Green Team, Allen and Abby lost 7 and 3 pounds for a 1.97% team weight loss

Blue Team, Rudy and Dina lost 11 and 5 pounds for a 2.57% team weight loss

Brown Team, Liz and Danny lost 3 and 8 pounds for a 1.74% team weight loss

Purple Team, Tracey and Coach Mo lost 4 and 8 pounds for a 2.21% team weight loss

Julio, the sole Black Team member, lost 4 pounds for a 1.09% team weight loss

Pink Team, Amanda and Rebecca, lost 5 and 4 pounds, for a 1.86% team weight loss keeping them safe, sending the Brown Team and Julio into the elimination room.

Allison sent the teams to decide and the discussion centered around two vs one going home. Julio pleaded that it was a worst case scenario being against Liz and Danny but that it came down to who would do better at home.


Going into the elimination room, it seemed that sending two home made more sense to the other Losers as they prepared for the vote. Allison started with the Orange Team who decided that Julio should go; Blue picked Liz and Danny to go; Green picked Julio to go; Purple picked Julio to go, finishing his stint at the ranch once and for all.

Julio’s transformation was incredible at home as he continued to lose and by the airing of the show, he had managed to drop over one hundred pounds and looked like a contender at the finale.

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