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Models Of The Runway: No Walking The Runway But Still Someone Leaves

October 09, 2009 08:22 AM by DA Southern


Models of the Runway had a dilemma this week as the models were given time off to deliberate their futures as Runway Models. The designers were working with the formally married this week, so we really don’t know why the models are on our screens, but if there is nothing else, there is the perpetual drama that a bunch of girls drag around with them and someone will still be eliminated.

The models watched as Epperson was eliminated giving the girls reason to fear as they were worried that even though they didn’t run the Runway today, a model was still to be eliminated. Tara was confident that Gordana would pick her again and Matar was now concerned that she would not have a designer to work with and would be eliminated.


The girls told Heidi that they had fun working with the divorcées as they worked with them on typical Runway etiquette. It was kinda fun watching the girls showing the ladies the tricks of the trade and watching Heidi trying to soften the blow of sending one of the girls home, even though they did nothing to make it happen.

The girls then took the recently unmarried ladies out for drinks and a few of the girls seemed to get a bit too much of the joy juice flowing into their bodies and paid dearly for it on elimination day. With the designers seeming to have their favorites, many of the girls seemed to have a pretty good idea who it would all come down to in the end.


After having to switch it up before in the model selection, the designers seemed to mix it up a bit with a few going back to the models they had used before and a few kept the models they used previously. Gordana  and Heidi was appalled when she discovered some one passed some intestinal air on the runway just as Gordana was getting ready to choose.


Gordana did not choose Tara, as she hold told her she would, and the models then knew it might be a bumpy ride from there on out. In the end it was between Kojii and Tara for Logan to pick. Logan eyed them both for the adequate drama and Kojii was his favorite, sending a shocked Tara out the door.

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