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Project Runway: Divorce And A New Beginning Challenges The Designers

October 09, 2009 08:00 AM by DA Southern


Project Runway is all about marriage, at least the dissolution of marriage, as the designers are set to release the inner cougar of several newly divorced women and set them free back into the wild. Well, if nothing else, these models have a lot more to say than the Models of the Runway, so it should be an interesting ride, if not for a stressful one.

The designers got their challenge from Heidi concerning the newly unmarried as the ladies pranced out in their former wedding gowns. Heidi told the designers that they were to turn their former wedding gowns into hip, new outfits for their new lives.


The designers chose their models, the newly divorced ladies, and then were sent into the workroom to get ideas for their designs. Many of the designers decided to choose wedding dresses with a lot of fabric so they would have a lot of fabric to work with, leaving Shirin with a former bride with a dress with the least amount of fabric. Tim then told the designers that they had one day to complete the designs and that this would be the last immunity challenge of the competition.

Poor Shirin was suffering as she had very little fabric to work with, a very outspoken former bride, which may be the reason she was divorced in the first place and a bad attitude that did not bode well for her for the day.

Gordana was having an emotional day as she missed her family all of a sudden, it seemed like, and Shirin was collapsing under the pressure of not having enough fabric, leaving Tim Gunn to come in to try to comfort and encourage her.


Many of the designers took to dying their fabric as they were trying to get away from the wedding white. Tim was concerned about Christopher’s design; seemed to loved Irina’s; concerned about Epperson; didn’t see Logan’s vision; thought Gordana’s look could be taken farther and let Shirin cry on his shoulder. As Tim left, the designers, except for Irina, who was as cool as a cucumber.

Day of the Runway Show

To say that the designers were a bit uneasy about the challenge would probably be an understatement and it looked as though several of the designs had missed the mark when it came to the heart of the challenge and the wedding dresses. Tim sent in the ladies and said they had two hours to finish and get the ladies to hair and makeup.


Heidi greeted the designers, reiterated the challenge, introduced the judges and then sent the models out. The dresses were interesting, to say the least, and at the end, Heidi quickly called Nicolas, Carol Hannah and Althea out to safety leaving Gordana, who the judges loved, Christopher, whose design was called a “Space bubble dress” by one of the judges; Epperson, whose design was off as he didn’t work with the wedding dress and it was called an “Octoberfest” dress; Shirin, whose dress came out pretty good, even after all of her stress; Logan, whose pantsuit was a disaster, again referred to as an “Octoberfest Moment” by Heidi and Irina, whose design was called “Clever”.


The judges loved Shirin’s, Gordana’s and Irina’s design and hated Epperson, Christopher and Logan’s design the most. Heidi called the designers out and sent Shirin to safety and called Gordana the winner for the challenge, giving her the final immunity of the season. Irina and Christopher were sent to safety next, leaving Logan and Epperson to sweat it out, but in the end, Epperson was sent “auwt” the door by Heidi and the gang.

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