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Survivor: Samoa — Flying Chickens & Hidden Idols

October 09, 2009 07:07 AM by Ryan Haidet


I have the question of the year — can chickens fly? One of our Survivor: Samoa geniuses hilariously revealed that she had no clue chickens could take to the sky. But she knew how to talk with them. Oh, Shambo. On top of that madness, this episode brought a very exciting finish to the Reward Challenge, a unique Immunity Challenge and yet another elimination. Who was sent packing?

Day 9 over at Galu, Shambo was upset to be back with her tribe. She said that her visit at Foa Foa was so nice because the people there actually appreciated her. She said she feels 10 times closer with Foa Foa than with Galu. “If I can make it to the merge, I know damn well I’ve got their vote,” she said. “So I’m way ahead.”


Erik pulled her aside moments later and questioned her about the clues to the hidden Immunity Idol she had received during her Foa Foa visit. He thought the clues would also be good for the Idol at their beach.

Awesome Ending

This was one of the best Reward Challenges on Survivor in a long time — and it was extraordinarily simple. Each tribe’s leader — Mick and Russell S. — had to choose two tribemates to go along with them to compete for Reward. Mick chose Russell H. and Natalie for the Foa Foa tribe. Galu sent Shambo and Dave to join Russell S.


When they arrived, the six players stepped into a circle at the beach and started waiting. Host Jeff Probst wasn’t there, so they simply stood and stared at each other. It was really comical to watch them face each other with no clue about what was happening. Moments later, they noticed a treasure chest and some chickens, but they still weren’t exactly sure what to do. After Russell H. made the first move, it was game on. They opened the treasure chest and followed the instructions. Geez, Probst. You get paid a ton of money to host the challenges, but you can’t even make an appearance at this one?

The challenge was pretty simple — they placed a flag in the sand and took turns throwing balls at it. The team with the closest ball after everybody threw three, would win the egg-laying chickens.

Foa Foa held a lead up until the last shot, which all came down to Galu’s Dave. He took his time and concentrated before tossing his ball literally inches from the flag. He won the challenge for Galu, and they erupted in cheers as they gathered up the chickens.


Great moment.

The Search Is On…

While the rest of the tribe was away and working, Erik was on a crazy hunt to find the hidden Immunity Idol.  During his excited hunt, he found the wrapped hidden Immunity Idol in a tree nearby. After finding the prize, Erik went off in secret and hid it behind a rock.

The next day, Shambo, who said she is a country girl, continued caring for the chickens.  But she made a major mistake when one of the animals escaped from the cage.  In a big hurry, Erik went chasing after the chicken when he was clotheslined by well, the clothesline. It looked painful, but it was hard not to laugh. The chicken had flown up into a tree, and as Shambo stared up at it she said she had no idea that chickens could fly.  So much for being a country girl, huh?  In an apparent attempt to get the chicken out of the tree, Shambo started clucking at it.  Shambo — the chicken whisperer.  As you can imagine, the chicken stayed out of reach.


Probst Finally Shows Up

At the Immunity Challenge, Probst decided to show up to explain how it would work. It was an inland challenge in which they had to run across a net course with a series of blocks. They had to take those blocks and stack them up at the end of the course. Then they had to gather more blocks from another station after crossing a rope bridge and stack them in a second pile. The first tribe to stack all of the blocks would win Immunity.


Galu had a lead for most of the challenge until the very end when Foa Foa battled back and took home the Immunity Idol for the first time.


Several Targets

Back at camp, Russell S. was angry they lost the challenge after having the lead the entire time. He felt like Monica blew it for them and was the reason for their loss. Erik agreed and said she was horrible at the challenge. Dave thought Shambo made a colossal mistake in losing the chicken, but ultimately he felt that Yasmin was worthless at camp. And no big surprise, most of the tribe thought Yasmin was weak, too.

Russell S. got word that they were targeting Yasmin, and he was furious. As tribe leader he said people need to listen to him or “there’s going to be serious ass kicking.”

At Tribal Council, Brett said that Yasmin does less work than anybody else.  Wait, who is Brett?  This guy has been nearly invincible this whole season so far.  Anyway, Yasmin immediately started defending herself saying she has really stepped up in the challenges.  Then Yasmin tossed it out there that Monica struggled in the challenge. Naturally, Monica didn’t think so.

After everybody voted, Probst revealed that Yasmin was the first person voted out of the Galu tribe. Monica let out a huge sigh of relief.


Now we’re down to 15.

Images courtesy of Monty Brinton/CBS.

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