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Survivor: Samoa — Yasmin Was Ready To Go

October 09, 2009 01:56 PM by Ryan Haidet


Outspoken and certainly sassy, 33-year-old Yasmin Giles laid it all out during a conference call with reporters about her experience on Survivor: Samoa.  Where most people are upset to be voted out of the game, Yasmin said her stay on Survivor lasted long enough.  She also weighed in on the confrontation with Ben and who she wants to see win the game.

Her torch was the fourth to be snuffed out, which Yasmin said was just fine with her.  “I think I actually felt like it was just time for me to go.  I was happy to go,” she said.  “I think I had did all that I could do.  I thought just stepping it up in challenges would be enough and since it wasn’t, my head was on the chopping block. I gave a nice smile and was like, ‘See ya later.’”  She said being eliminated was one of the happiest moments she had on the show.  “When Jeff put my torch out, did anybody notice my smile?”

Ben’s Comments

The biggest confrontation Yasmin had on the show was with Ben who called her ghetto trash.  “Ben’s comments didn’t phase me too much because Ben’s a kid,” she said.  “He was coming from a very immature place.  When you attack someone, you might want to try getting their name correct.  My name is Yasmin, not Jasmine.  So half the time I didn’t know in his confessions who the hell he was even talking to.”


And with her elimination right after his, Yasmin got to spend time at Ponderosa with Ben as a pre-jury member.  “Ben made other comments that he thought were funny.  But again, you’re being insensitive and immature when you tell me, ‘Shut your cotton-picking face.’  Those were things that he said to me after the fact.  I look at Ben like a kid and damaged goods.  It is what it is.  I learned to just accept him for who he was.  We was there, we had to make the best of the time.  We sort of buried the hatchet.  But would I hang out with him?  Hell no.”

Editing Victim

Yasmin openly admits to be lazy throughout her stay at the Galu camp, but didn’t think that would be the thing that sealed her fate.  “I was lazy half the time, and I was tired.  See, I’m not afraid to admit that.  But when people come up short in other areas, they’re strong in other ones.  And I felt because I was helping with the challenges, maybe I would be seen as an asset instead of a liability, but it went the total opposite way.”


And she believes she is the victim of creative editing because she actually did do some work.  “I am a trained masseuse.  I gave Brett a whole-body massage.  People that were tired and hurting from challenges, I would rub their backs.  I was giving hand massages out.  Not to mention, I did a lot of people on my tribe’s hair as well.  None of those things was ever shown.  Not to mention, I was on Brett’s shoulders for 3o minutes cutting down leaves and then I helped cut down two trees with a machete.  But you never saw that. …  When it comes to television, they have to tell a story.  It just so happens I got caught up on the wrong side of it, but I’ll take it for what it’s worth.”


Want To Win

When it’s all said and done, Yasmin says she wants either Shambo, Natalie or Jaison to win.  But there’s one person in particular she doesn’t want to watch win the $1 million — Laura.  “This is what people don’t know — that you didn’t see.  I like to call Laura a fake prophet.  She mentioned how she was doing the whole Christian thing and she was sort of like an evangelist.  But Laura would grab my hand before every challenge and pray, ‘Oh, God.  Please keep Yasmin safe and strong.’  Whatever, girl.  If you’re going to pray that I stay safe and strong and help us win, but behind my back you want me to go.  You should’ve been praying that I did some work around camp, or let me know that I should.”

One last thing.  If Yasmin was able to compete on Survivor again, would she?  “Hell no.  And I want you to print, ‘Hell no.’  I wouldn’t.  I wouldn’t.”


Images courtesy of Monty Brinton/CBS.

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