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Amazing Race 15: Did I Lose My Passport During The Monkey Dance?

October 11, 2009 07:23 PM by Britteny Elrick


Nine teams remain in the worldwide race for a million dollars. Tonight on The Amazing Race teams will travel to Cambodia where they will immerse themselves in the culture of monkey dances and street salesmen. During all the fun, an unsuspecting pair pulls ahead into first place, but they find out they might be eliminated for misplacing their passports!

The teams are resting in Saigon, but Big Easy & Flight Time are the first to depart. Their clue directs them to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to find the Foreign Correspondence Club editor. Teams quickly realize that they cannot depart on a flight to Cambodia until noon the next day, so many of them catch up to each other.

Lance and Keri continue to struggle with communication issues and bickering. Lance & Keri and Zev & Justin are told there is no room on the first flight and must depart an hour and a half later. However, they are put on a waiting list and at the last minute, they end up on the first flight.  All teams are tied at this point.


Zev & Justin are in the lead and they must search a room of men with fedoras to find the editor of the club.  Next, using a photo as reference, they must figure out which hotel they must go to and locate a picture of Jackie O during her visit to Cambodia.  Then they encounter the detour.

DETOUR: Cover or Wrap. In Cover, they must persuade a family of four to buy a group of motorcycle helmets for ten dollars and then return the money. In Wrap, they must locate a fabric shop and receive an intricate scarf, then search a local Russian market for someone wearing the same one.


After completing the detour, teams must head to their next clue where they hit a road block. One team member must wear a monkey mask and tail to complete a monkey dance that they have been trained on. Zev has a particularly hard time, as Justin tells us that he has the body of a 90 year old. All the sudden, he has a panic attack and falls on the ground. Meanwhile, Sam & Dan are the first to receive instructions that send them to the next pitstop, Wat Phnom. Brian & Ericka are following in a close second.

Somehow, Zev & Justin pull ahead of the pack and are the first to reach the pitstop. This is much to the surprise of Sam & Dan and Flight Time & Big Easy, who come in shortly thereafter. BUT don’t bust out the celebration champagne just yet, because Zev & Justin realize they don’t have their passports!  Um, could it have fallen out during the monkey dance panic attack?  Phil tells them unless they locate them they are out of the race!  He sends them back on the trail to find them, and they will be eliminated if they don’t make it back before the last team!


Brian & Ericka now pull into third place, followed by Lance & Keri, Mika & canaan, Maria & Tiffany.  Phil tells Maria and Tiffany that they are still in the race due to Zev & Justin’s lost passport.  When they finally reach the pitstop, they admit they can’t find Justin’s passport and they are eliminated. UGH. That sucks.

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Photo Credit: CBS

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