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Flipping Out: Jeff Discovers He Has A Heart

October 13, 2009 09:36 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tragedy strikes Jeff Lewis and company on tonight’s episode of Flipping Out. First, Jeff continues to deal with Vlad’s incompetence, which slowly pushes him over the edge.  Then Jeff discovers that one of his clients is letting a homeless person live on the premises that he is trying to remodel. Normally, it wouldn’t be an issue if Jeff wasn’t terrified of homeless people. Back at his residence, Jeff is also getting fed up with Zoila’s constant napping and slacking so he finds something that will give her a wake up call…

Jeff lays into Zoila for not being as tidy as he would prefer.  He tells her very firmly that she is not to discuss leaving or days off until all his shirts are ironed properly. She responds by telling him to shut up and that she’s leaving early today.

Jeff and company goes to visit one of Chaz’s projects and discovers a homeless person named Spirit living on the premises.  Apparently, she is a permanent fixture that Chaz has allowed to live there. Later, when he and Jenni are driving, they are approached by a homeless person at a stoplight. Much to Jenni’s dismay, Jeff immediately locks his doors and admits that his biggest fears in life are: clowns, drag queens, and homeless people.


The drama continues with Vlad as he fails to do his job to Jeff’s satisfaction. Jeff is so fed up that he tells Jenni he’s lost five years of his life span from dealing with Vlad. Back at the house, Jeff argues with Zoila again about how she wants to constantly leave early.  He says he needs to find a way to get her back in line.

When Jeff visits Chaz’s project again, he smells something rather disturbing.  Jeff discovers that Spirit has been using one of the flower beds to go to the bathroom and has been for the past twelve years. Jeff insists that Chaz do something about the situation and the uh… flies. Chaz refuses to get rid of Spirit because of some sort of spiritual revelation he had years ago when he first moved to the property.  Jeff doesn’t get it, but finally drops it.

Finally, Jeff lays the smack down with Zoila. Instead of buying her the upgraded vacuum, he purchases a Roomba (a floor cleaning robot). Zoila gets jealous and tells him to return  it, but Jeff says it will help with her shortcomings. “A wake up call,” I believe he called it.


At lunch, Jeff and his assistants continue to pick on Zoila for her slacking work habits.  Everything is fine until Jett makes a comment about knowing a lot of people who need jobs and Zoila gets pissed.  She locks herself in the bedroom and cries. Jeff realizes they went too far and that now the job security jokes are off limits. For at least a week.


The troops revisit Chaz’s project and Jeff says he can’t build a beautiful salon in the middle of a homeless shelter. Jeff understands Chaz is sensitive about Spirit, but he insists that she moves while he’s remodeling.  They relocate her to the other side of the property. He even decides to build a shower for her.  And in that very moment, his blackened heart began to beat.

Then, tragedy strikes. Jeff informs his employees that Spirit passed away the night before.  He insists that he didn’t have anything to do with it and asks Jenni to support his alibi. Jenni is torn up about it and feels bad that Spirit was alone. Dealing with the death makes Jeff realize how short life is.  He immediately tries to call Ryan and repair things, although he still isn’t sure he can trust him.


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