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Hell’s Kitchen Crowns A Winner

October 13, 2009 07:32 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen takes us from three, to two to, finally, one and the winner of Season 6 of Hell’s Kitchen. The new chef for the Araxi in Whistler, British Columbia will either be the one-armed chef, Dave, who has played through the pain; Kevin, probably one of the most consistently good chefs this season and Ariel, who has definitely had flashes of brilliance along with her seasons of extreme disasters in Hell’s Kitchen. Rather quickly, one will just miss out playing for all of the marbles and at this point, it could come down to who impresses Chef Ramsay just enough in the final challenge to be in the final two as it is that close between the remaining three.

After the chefs had visits from their families and managed a night’s sleep, they greeted Chef Ramsay for their challenge that would have an international flavor. Each chef chose a country and was to cook a dish representing that country.  Ariel chose China, Dave had India and Kevin picked Mexico and they had forty-five minutes to prepare the dish. Dave struggled the most with food from India and Kevin and Ariel had both done foods from their respective countries, so seemed to have the challenge well in hand. Dave’s main goal was to not cook a food that people from India did not worship, which seemed a strange way to choose a dish, but knowing how Dave has managed to cook his way through so much, he might just win the challenge.


Chef Ramsay had chefs from the country the chefs chose to help him judge and Ariel started off by not knowing what she had served as she could not explain her dish. The chefs were not overall pleased with her dish. Kevin’s Mexican dish was well explained, looked pretty good, but he screwed up royally when he forgot the sauce. Dave’s Indian dish was an initial concern because he chose pork and it was a dish that would have not been served in India.  In the end, Dave got all of the votes for his ability to get the flavor of India in his dish and won reward while the other two were sent to do the usual grunge work in Hell’s Kitchen.

With the biggest dinner service of the season, Chef Ramsay told them that two would be moving on to the finale and that each chef would be taking their turns at the pass and taking control of the kitchen. The three chefs blazed through the appetizers and Kevin was first at the pass.


His leadership style was evident, but his quality control was sabotaged by Scott but was caught by Kevin, giving Chef Ramsay an opportunity to acknowledge his keen eye. Ariel slowed Kevin with bad lamb and she seemed to be at odds with Kevin with the way she was supposed to be cutting the lamb.

Dave was next at the pass and was trying to be a mini-me of Chef Ramsay by kicking garbage cans and being way to aggressive. Dave completely flubbed the quality control aspect of the challenge and when challenged again, missed another quality control opportunity, but rallied a bit at the end.

Ariel was third at the pass and missed her first quality control challenge when she missed a mash potato dish but managed to catch another challenge at her quality control when fish came up that had been substituted. Ariel and Kevin were at each others throats and it was clearly a case of payback between Kevin and Ariel but it was not clear who Chef Ramsay was more pissed at because of it all.


Chef Ramsay was overall pleased with the night’s performance and asked each of the chefs who doesn’t belong in the finale. It was definitely a battle between Ariel and Kevin with Dave seemingly trying to stay neutral. Kevin nominated Ariel, Ariel nominated Kevin and Dave looked to be the sole determining vote as to who would join him in the finals, which was a surprise, and chose Ariel as the weakest link. Chef Ramsay then asked each chef why they should be in the finals and Chef Ramsay chose Dave and Kevin to battle it out for the big prize.

Kevin and Dave, both injured early in the season, were set to square off against each other and had chefs from the season to help them on their way to the grand prize. Chef Ramsay then had them both prepare dishes for various food critics and chefs for their last challenge. Dave got the first two votes with his dish and needed three to win and it looked as though the one-armed bandit would once again reign supreme. Kevin managed to tie it up, leaving Coleman Andrews from Gourmet Magazine, finally gave Dave the victory.


What was visibly absent this season was the chefs doing their own dining rooms, which was probably just as well, but they did do their own menus. Kevin and Dave picked their chefs who would assist them; Dave picked Ariel first, Kevin picked Van, Dave chose Robert, Kevin picked Amanda, Dave picked Suzanne, leaving Kevin with Sabrina to round out his team.

Kevin’s menu was a bit more complicated than Dave’s menu and Chef Ramsay was concerned with the details but said that, in the end, it would come down to who executed better and who lead their team to perform.

After Chef Ramsay gave each of the chefs their official chef’s coats, Dave and Kevin propelled their teams into action. Amanda got things off to a rough start for Kevin, but Robert got Dave’s menu rolling as the appetizers flew out of the kitchen. At this point, it was evident that this was Dave’s competition to lose.

Dave and Robert got into a pissing contest as the lack of mushrooms looked to be a problem in the risotto, but Kevin’s appetizers were starting to come back to the kitchen as the rice was undercooked. Van finally started to catch Kevin up, but it was looking like it may have been a little too late no matter what happens from this point out. It seemed as though Amanda totally screwed Kevin at any chance of winning at this point, unless Dave’s kitchen crumbles in some bizarre turn of events. What made it even worse was that it seemed like Amanda really did not care one single bit.


Kevin started to catch up and seemed to get his team into a groove and Dave’s team seemed to be faltering a bit at the end with Dave’s leadership qualities in question. The chefs finished virtually neck and neck and it was hard to see who would come out on top in the end.

Customer comment cards would play into the final decision as well as Chef Ramsay’s overall observations and Chef Ramsay called the Kevin and Dave to the door to see whose would open giving the Araxi head chef prize to the winner. Chef Ramsay said that it was the closest final in Hell’s Kitchen history and the one-armed bandit, Dave, who played through the pain all season long, had what it took to become the winner of Hell’s Kitchen Season 6.

In the end, Amanda sunk Kevin’s dreams of becoming a head chef and Dave became the first one-armed chef in the history of Hell’s Kitchen.

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