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Shark Tank: Episode Nine

October 13, 2009 10:17 PM by Cindy Adams


On tonight’s episode of Shark Tank, a man wants to make school children healthy drinks, a doctor claims he has created the secret to a long pet life, two men have created a virtual reality device, and a plus-sized designer gives the Shark Tank the skinny on the fashion world. Also, the success of Ava the Elephant is updated!

First into the Shark Tank was Dan Mackey who’s created Chill Soda. He wanted $50k for 10% equity in his company.


His drink is a healthy alternative to soda pop that he wants to see in every school. The drink has no sugars, but is full of anti-oxidants and vitamins.


The Sharks tasted the product and loved it. Dan said he already had a distributor who purchased $175k of the drink from him. Dan divulged he doesn’t know anything about the beverage industry, so Daymond bowed out. Kevin H. and Robert were next to drop out of the investment ring. Kevin O. said the beverage industry is fraught with risk and was out. Barbara liked the product and the other Sharks begged her not to give him any money. Nevertheless, she decided to take a chance on Dan even thought Kevin O. said she’s guilty of murdering money and would go to jail for her crime! Wouldn’t expect anything less from good old Kevin O.!


Next to talk to the Sharks were Kristina Broderick and her father Dr. Geoffrey Broderick. They brought their adorable dog Casey with them as well.


Their company is called Cornucopia, which is a pro-biotic pet food. Dr. Broderick claimed his creation extends pets’ lives by 50%. The father/daughter team wanted $300k for 15% of the company.


Unfortunately, the doctor couldn’t scientifically prove that his food prevents disease and extends the lives of pets. Robert was skeptical and was out first. Kevin H. said the government won’t let the doc make such claims unless he proves what he says, so he was out and so was Barbara. Daymond and Kevin O. were the last out. Without any scientific studies to back it, the doc’s product remains pretty questionable.

An update was given on Ava the Elephant, the creation of Tiffany Krumens. Barbara invested in her device a few weeks ago. The product is a method of giving medicine to children disguised as an elephant. Soon the product will be in pharmacies all over the country. Sadly, Tiffany said after her appearance on the show she was diagnosed with cancer—but, good news—she had surgery and is now cancer free. From the looks of it, Barbara and Tiffany will make a mint off of the invention.


Jim Dimascio and Ray Latypov were up next with Virtusphere. They were seeking a huge investment of $1.5 million for only 10% equity in the company.


The sphere they created is a virtual reality locomotion simulator, which can be used for simulation training for the military and allows video game players to play inside the game.


Ray jumped into the sphere to demonstrate. He wore virtual goggles, while a monitor showed what he was seeing while walking inside the sphere. Kevin O. said he had to try it, got inside, and loved it.


Although he thought it was great, Kevin O. was out first. Kevin H. thought there could be a huge liability with the sphere with people getting hurt, so he was out. Barbara and Daymond were out next. Robert was tempted and said he loved it, but he had too many questions about it, so he was out.

Next to visit the Sharks was Gayla Bentley who founded and is the designer for Gayla Bentley Fashions.


She asked for $250k for a 20% equity stake in her company. She said she represents women all over the world that are size 12 and over and creates luxurious clothes for this population of women. Kevin O. asked if it was possible that larger-sized women don’t care about fashion as much as thinner women. That didn’t go over well, but Gayla had a great sense of humor and brushed him off. She wants to integrate the sizes of clothing in stores, by placing large size luxury clothes with smaller sizes.


Robert was out first, and both Kevin H. and Kevin O. followed. Barbara said she would put in half the money if Gayla could convince Daymond to take on the other half of the deal. Gayla turned on the charm and Daymond said he’d be game for 50% of the company. Gayla took the deal with Daymond and Barbara as her partners.


Don’t miss next week’s episode when entrepreneurs sing about their product, Robert wants to give one business owner $400k, and then proceeds to say he’s “speechless…”

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