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The Biggest Loser Switches Things Up

October 13, 2009 09:23 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser shows us once again that losers can be winners as the losers set their course on the remains of the day as Julio joined his former teammate, Alexandra, in losing their weight at home after being eliminated and the remaining losers taking every opportunity to stay at the ranch as long as possible. With Daniel not losing any weight last week while having immunity, he assured everyone that it was not intentional, but you can bet Jillian and Bob will not be kind to him or Shay as the week plays out.

Host, Allison Sweeney, had silver platters for the losers and told them that it was a blue vs black deal, sending shock to the teams as they thought the teams were being split up. With the spin of the wheel, the losers will spin for various power plays hoping to land on the space in the thirty six spaces. Oh by the way, all of the hype about no game play? It is over.


Ruby got cake, Rebecca gets a donut, Allen gets a cupcake, Danny gets a higher calorie cupcake and Tracey, my oh my, she got the golden ticket of power. Now she will be hated even more, but you have got to know that she loves the power.

The crying game starts again as the realization that the teams were going to be broken up and Blue Team ended up being, Tracey, Mo, Allen, Liz, Rudy and Rebecca and will be guided by Bob. Black Team was Daniel, Shay, who are together again, Abby, Danny, Amanda and Dina, who will be tortured by Jillian. No matter what happens, one gets the feeling that no one is ever happy in this house, except Tracey, who always seems to come out on top.


Drama not withstanding, Jillian has decided to be relentless on her team to try to beat the drama out of her Losers. It doesn’t help as Liz looks for any excuse to not workout and ends up walking out of the gym. While being in drama-ville, Liz was intent on getting rid of Tracey before she went home.

The Challenge

It was all about running up a hill through the mud. Sounds easy enough but the catch was that one team member will be pulling another teammate on a platform. Videos from home are the reward, which is always a bit irritating, especially to the trainers who detest the diversion from being focused on training.


Tracey and Abby, still injured, sit out the competition and the teams race up the hill for a chance at home videos. Blue team devised a strategy early on to take a quick lead believing that only one team can fit on the path at a time. The strategy worked and Blue Team kept the lead for the entire race, winning the race easily.

The Last Chance Workout

The challenge for the trainers was to get the former teams out of their minds and each trainer had their own way of doing it. Jillian took the tried and true tactic of punishing her new team so that they would bond together and Bob decided to take his new team to 24 hour fitness for a change of pace. Both trainers were brutal with Jillian being more so than Bob, but if you are like me, you will have to admit that Bob has gotten a bit edgier this season.

The Weigh-In

Allison told the new teams that the team that goes below the yellow line would be sending someone home, which would really test the old alliances that we started with at the beginning of the season.

Blue Team started if off:

Tracey lost 7 pounds for a 3.29% weight loss. (Is it me or can that girl lose weight without exercising)

Mo lost 6 pounds for a 1.89% weight loss

Allen lost 7 pounds for a 2.46% weight loss

Rudy lost 8 pounds for a 2.12% weight loss

Rebecca lost 7 pounds for a 2.87% weight loss

Liz lost 8 pounds for a 3.33% weight loss

Blue’s total was 2.56%

Black Team

Abby lost 5 pounds for a 2.35% weight loss

Dina lost 6 pounds for a 2.62% weight loss

Amanda lost 6 pounds for a 2.61% weight loss

Danny lost 10 pounds for a 2.62% weight loss

Daniel lost 11 pounds for a 3.83% weight loss

Shay lost a whopping 16 pounds for a 3.70% weight loss giving the Black Team a 3.05% weight loss, sending the Blue Team to elimination. Liz was immune with the highest percentage of weight loss and the “Let’s get Tracey” squad was in full force. Mo spoke up with an air of logic that he was just not putting up good numbers, and I believe he just wanted to go, and it seemed like the “get rid of Tracey at any cost” crowd began to subside.


At the elimination table, Mo got a quick four votes and he was not The Biggest Loser but had managed to lose 76 pounds since starting at the ranch.

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