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Ghost Hunters: Freaky Fort

October 14, 2009 07:23 PM by Ryan Haidet


Fort Henry in Ontario, Canada, is said to be the most haunted place in the country.  So naturally, the guys from Ghost Hunters packed up their equipment and headed North of the border.  It was built during the war of 1812 to keep Americans out, and their tour guide said the location had tons of paranormal stories. With the dreary skies blanketing above, it couldn’t have been a more perfect night for a ghost hunt.

In the Parade Square, guests have reported seeing a full-bodied apparation walking around.  Inside the Officer’s Quarters #3, children have complained of stomach pains and hands pressing on their chests.  Some have even reported seeing the rocking chair inside the room moving back and forth.  Then the tour guide took them to a few more locations including the bakery, which he claimed was the creepiest of all areas.


Investigation Underway

After their traditional tour, they turned the lights off and quickly started their investigation in Officer’s Quarters #3.  Jason and Grant heard what they thought was either a knocking or a step.  When Jason knocked on the glass, it almost sounded like something knocked back at him.  They put their hands on the glass, and it felt to them like somebody was knocking on the other side.  Jason suddenly started feeling dizzy and needed to sit down.  “I feel like crap in this room,” he said.


Kris and Amy made their way into Officer’s Quarters #3 a short time later and heard sounds of their own.  “What did that sound like to you?” one of them asked.  “That was loud.”  They were hearing knocks and the sounds of shuffling feet.  As they settled in, they also heard sounds on the glass behind them.  “It almost seemed like it was toying with us.”

Then Jason and Grant moved into the bakery where they captured the best piece of evidence so far this season.  But first, Grant clearly thought he watched somebody walk in front of the window.  When he went looking for the person, there was nobody there.  Moments later, as they were standing inside, the door shut on its own.  This was caught in full view on three of the different cameras.  The door shut slightly, then opened back up before slamming and latching shut.  Jason re-opened the door and walked away challenging the spirit to shut the door again.  It didn’t take long either — just moments later the door swung shut hard and fast.  They realized there was no breeze inside the room that would have caused the door to close.  Something paranormal?  Very cool!

After Steve had a scary run in with some spiders, the TAPS team wrapped up the investigation and started analyzing the evidence.  At the reveal, Jason and Grant joined up with the guide again to show him all the weird things they captured.  The most impressive piece of evidence was definitely the footage of the door closing in the bakery.  The guide was totally stunned at the video.  Jason wrapped it all up by saying the place was absolutely incredible and the guys labeled the facility as haunted.  They felt it was really unusual for every single member of the TAPS team to have some sort of personal experience.

Tonight’s episode definitely delivered some creepy moments perfect for the Halloween season.

And the Ghost Hunters breed is undying in popularity, so SyFy is delivering a third series, which premiers in November — Ghost Hunters Academy.

Images courtesy of SyFy.

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