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Breaking News: WifeSwap Boy Missing Over Colorado

October 15, 2009 01:16 PM by Christine McDow


If you have not turned on TV, turn it on now.  A Colorado family built a homemade balloon and their six year old son may have been in the balloon as it soared over 5500 in the air.  The family, the Heene’s, were on WifeSwap when they became known.  The father is a weather chaser and scientist who was building this ballooon with his six year old son, Falcon.


In October we recapped the show where we got to meet the family and learn about their adventures.  Currently the world is watching and praying that the boy was never on the balloon because when the balloon landed there was no one on board.  If the boy was on it then it is possible that he is laying hurt somewhere.

According to a neighbor of the Heene family, this balloon was never intended for flight and the 6 year old boy is missing.


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