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Models of the Runway: Designers Switch Models Again

October 15, 2009 09:05 PM by DA Southern


Models of the Runway models are, of course, becoming as scarce as the designers on Project Runway as their fates are inexplicability tied to the success or failure of the designers. With designers not wanting to have to switch things up any more, unless instructed to by Heidi, you can bet that with each passing challenge, the models are seeking to endear themselves as to who they think looks to be a winner.

Model Katie said she didn’t like wearing a design that was in the bottom three and Ebony was worried that since Shirin was being eliminated, she was gone and she stormed out of the room when Shirin was eliminated.


Ebony then hoped that she had made a good enough impression on the other designers to be picked but the designers are not wanting to be worried about working with a new model at this point. Heidi had her weekly confab with the models and some of the models talked about revealing certain parts of their bodies in the designs. Heidi warned the girls about always presenting themselves well with the designers and that they were always “On stage” at all times.


The models went back to the loft to commiserate the next elimination and then several went off to audition for a Garnier commercial to keep their minds off of the upcoming elimination. Some of the models did a fairly good job while others flubbed it in a big way.

Elimination Day

Heidi told the designers that they had to shake it up once again and could not chose the model they had in the last challenge. Ebony was relieved, but several of the other girls looked worried. Carol Hannah picked Tanisha first and the designers went about their business in a fairly methodical way. Ebony and Lisa were left and Althea chose Lisa, leaving Ebony “Auwt” and confirming her fears that she would be eliminated.


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