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Project Runway Goes Glitz for Christina Aguilera

October 15, 2009 08:50 PM by DA Southern


Project Runway is getting rid of designs at break-neck speed, or so it seems as we are only four episodes away from the finale, believe it or not. With the pressure being ramped up on the designers, it is still difficult to see who will be left standing at the end. Irina seems to have a pretty firm handle on the challenges and has managed to stay consistent even when she didn’t have immunity, as does Carol Hannah and Gordana. But with no more immunity up for grabs, every challenge becomes do or die for the designers getting them one step closer to Fashion Week.

The Challenge

Host, Heidi Klum, told the designers that it was time to take the competition to the next level and that since there was no immunity any longer, it would get even more stressful from here on out, like it hasn’t been to this point.


Tim Gunn and Bob Mackie announced the challenge and Mackie told the eight remaining designers thet their designs were to be full of sequins and most of all, a lot of “Wow”. Mackie is famous for his sequin look and told the designers that they were designing for the stage and their look was for Christina Aguilera. Tim added that they had two days for the challenge as well as a budget of three hundred dollars, which was a bit more than what they had been used to in time and money.

The designers were loaded down with sequins, shinny fabric and beads, oh my, and it looked as a few had no clue as to what direction they were headed, like the usually calm Gordana and Carol Hannah.

Day Two

The second day rolled around and the designers were having difficulty making their designs come together. The usually brash Nicolas said that his design was wearing him out. Tom was in and Christopher was the first in the sights of Tim and he was not pleased; Althea’s dress was called “Explosive punk” and Gordana’s design was referred to as matronly. Nicolas’s design was called a “one-note” by Tim as something that he had already done before; Carol Hannah’s design was perceived as a “Wow factor” by Tim and Shirin’s design was called “student work” and he said he didn’t like anything about it. AS he left, Tim said that some had lost their way but they had time to fix it

Day of the Runway Show

The designers scrambled to put the finishing touches on their designs as the models came into get ready or the show and were shuffled off to hair and makeup. Irina seemed to have her design well in hand, but Christopher and Shirin, who looks to be in trouble this outing, were both at the freaking out stage once again. Last week Shirin was at her wits end and actually faired OK, but I don’t think she will be as fortunate this week. Nicolas was concerned that his little dress was not as flamboyant as the others because he had no big reveal.


Heidi was out to reiterate the challenge, introduced the judges, including Christina Aguilera and Bob Mackie and Nina Garcia, who was there to make it as uncomfortable as possible for the designers. The designs came out and Althea’s design was out first. Logan’s design was fun looking and Shirin’s design was a bit better that she lead us to believe. Christopher and Nicolas designs were different as night and day and Irinia’s design was a knock-out.


Irina was immediately called out as safe and Gordana was told that she was fortunate to have had immunity this week as she might have been out the door. Carol Hannah was first to explain her design and it was loved by Christina Aguilera and Nina Garcia. Shirin said that while she was not as comfortable with the dress and Heidi called it an “Upscale witch’s dress.” Althea’s look was called clever by Mackie and Garcia said it was nicely made. Christopher said he took a different perspective and Heidi said she was “Not loving it” at all and Mackie said he wouldn’t put it on a chorus girl. Nicolas‘s design was called “Fun” by Aguilera and Logan said his design was a punk rock princess but the judges weren’t buying it.


Heidi and the judges loved, Nicolas, Carol Hannah and Althea’s design but Shirin, Christopher, and Logan did not fair quite as well. Heidi called out Althea as safe and then Aguilera announced that Carol Hannah was the winner. Nicolas was called “Een” as was Logan, leaving Christopher and Shirin to wonder who would be cleaning out their work space. Shirin’s design was called “Boring” and she was “Auwt” of the competition.

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