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Survivor Samoa: A Perfect Storm Ends A Survivor’s Dream

October 15, 2009 06:45 PM by DA Southern


Survivor: Samoa has a bad case of the bad weather blues as everyone’s gameplay is affected by the torrential rainfall that hits the islands. With actual survival instincts being tested, even the crafty Russell has determined that he can’t control everything in the game. Maybe God was making a point here, you never know. Whatever the reason, the game will certainly be affected in many ways by the winds and rains of change.

After watching Yasmin being voted out, Shambo was, as usual, on the outside of her tribe as she was one of the few who did not vote for Yasmin, putting herself squarely in the target the next time Galu goes to tribal council.


Erik was immediately pissed as the ocean was battering him around and Foa Foa read tree mail tht detailed a food challenge for reward. Russell was already scheming about hoe to manipulate the food challenge to his advantage and set his sights on Liz who he deemed as someone who was playing mid games.

The Challenge

Host Jeff Probst told everyone that they would definitely eat with funky ingredients that would be blended into a Samoa smoothie.

Shambo vs Jaison for the first smoothie of giant clam and octopus; Shambo easily got the point and jasions hesitated but finished the drink. The Russells’ battled and both put down the jellyfish smoothie. Brett and Mick drank sea cucumber and giant clams and they both finished; Monica and Liz drank a sea urchin smoothie and the score was still tied as they both finished. Ashley and Dave drank sea slug guts for the final point and if they both drank it down, a tie breaker would be in the works. Dave finished for Galu and Ashley was struggling and failed to finish, giving Gulu a barbecue. Russell sent Shambo to Foa Foa once again to spy but Shambo was hacked off as she knew it was all about spite at this point having to go for the second time.


Ashley had a huge target on her back as she was ostracized for not finishing the sea slug drink an Shambo just wanted a group hug from Foa Foa, but was definitely missing the steak dinner.

Russell was pissing his tribe off at Galu as he was having no success with getting the fire going to cook the meat. Dave finally stepped in to get the fire going and he realized that his awesomeness was his main tool knowing that he was invaluable.

Shambo was back at Foa Foa looking for the immunity idol with the clues that she had been given, but Liz suspected that Russell had already found it. When she confronted him, he said, “Do you want to be the next one to go?” and you could see the light bulb go off in her head. I mean, she had to know that Russell was playing the game for keeps at this point.


The storm arrived and things became unpleasant quickly for both tribes. Dave braved the elements for the next tree mail that had the usual cryptic clue that announced the next challenge. T was something about hanging or something and the tribes met Jeff Probst for the challenge.

Jeff said that a man and a women from each tribe would hold up a net as coconuts would be put into the net an who ever held the net up the longest for their team would win immunity.


Liz and Russell were holding the nets for Foa Foa and Russell and Laura had Galu’s future in their hands. Galu was tormenting Foa Foa pretty quickly as they seemed to be connecting sinking the coconuts into the nets of Russell. Russell was the first out leaving Liz to fend for herself against both Russell and Laura of Galu. Liz finally had enough and Foa Foa’s short-lived recess from tribal had come to a close.

Tribal Council

The storm was playing havoc on the moral of Foa Foa and Jaison was complaining, as he loves to do, and he was thinking about quitting. Russell was eyeing Liz as his target and Ashley was being targeted by Liz. The guys were definitely in control of the vote and Russell was swinging between Ashley and Liz.


At tribal council, Jeff immediately asked Jaison about the difficulty of the storm and most agreed that it was nice to just be in front of the fire. Jeff went through the whole trust issue with the survivors and they all lied saying they trusted each other.


Jeff gave the infamous “I’ll go tally the votes” and Ashley and Liz quickly got the first two votes. Ashley got the remainder of the votes and her trust was certainly tested as she was ousted without much of a whimper. Her obvious inability to compete in the challenges and the loss at the reward challenge earlier doomed her once and for all.

Images courtesy of CBS.

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