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WifeSwap: Heene Balloon Escapade A Hoax?

October 16, 2009 07:43 AM by Christine McDow


Ever since 6 year old Falcon Heene was found in the attic of his families home, rumors have been circulating that the runaway balloon escapade yesterday was really a staged stunt that the family did for publicity.  The family who was featured on Wife Swap last year seems to like being in the public eye as they volunteer for reality shows and run around the country chasing storms.  The father, Richard Heene, calls the accusation of it all being a hoax “extremely pathetic”.

Why have the accusations heated up?  Because of a little comment that Falcon made when asked why he did not come when called. During a live interview with CNN, Falcon said he had heard his family calling his name.


“You did?” his mother asked.

“Why didn’t you come out?” Richard Heene said.

Falcon answered, “You had said that we did this for a show.”

That conversation is having the world now asking, was this planned?  Did the horror America and the world felt yesterday while watching this balloon float across the Colorado sky a big joke?


The authorities who were with the family all afternoon yesterday say that they believe the family was sincere yesterday in their worry and fright at not knowing where their son was and not knowing if he was alive or dead.  The parents say Falcon was confused by the question, but the authorities still claim that they are going to interview the entire family again.

So was it a misunderstanding?  Was it an accident?  Was it a planned hoax?  What do you think?  Comment and let us know!

Did you miss all the drama yesterday?  Catch up with our constant updates and breaking news that we did as we followed the story.

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