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Survivor: Samoa — Ashley’s Ouster

October 17, 2009 01:08 PM by Ryan Haidet


Many cast members on Survivor aren’t fans of the show, but that can’t be said of Ashley Trainer, who is the latest person voted off of the show.  Ashley was a huge fan of the show before her stint on Survivor: Samoa.  During her short stay, Ashley befriended Russell Hantz, dealt with tough weather conditions and tried to chug down sea slug guts.  She discussed all that and more during a conference call with reporters Friday.

Like most of America, Ashley was shocked by Russell’s actions.  “He was so good to my face, and then he’d go and say these horrible things about me,” she explained.  “It was a huge shock.”  But she certainly doesn’t hold it against him.  “It’s a game, and he was playing the game.  I think he played the game very well.  I don’t know how far it’s necessarily going to get him in the game, ’cause if someone starts to figure it out, they’re going to want him out right away.  But it’s a game, and I guess he was playing it pretty hard.”


And although he’s been labeled as the biggest villain ever, Ashley didn’t really see that on the island.  “My impression of Russell changed dramatically.  When I was there, I said in the last Tribal Council that I trusted him.  And then I get home and all of a sudden I’m seeing these commercials about Russell dumping out our water, he’s burning people’s socks and he’s calling us the dumb-ass girl alliance.  I just could not believe the things that he was saying about me. …  I was in shock that someone would have that strategy playing the game of Survivor.  Like I said, I’m a huge fan.  I’ve watched every season — and making your tribe weak?  Who does that?  It was just shocking?  I was like, ‘Whose socks are those?’”


Ashley said Russell made a deal with her early in the game, going as far as saying he wanted them to be the next Rob and Amber.  And it was for Russell’s seemingly trustworthy actions, that Ashley said Russell was able to stay out of the target zone.  But she did start to get suspicious of him shortly before her torch was snuffed.  “The last two days, I started to realize how much control Russell actually had and how everyone was just following him and listening to every single thing that he said.  He said some things to me that made me think, ‘Oh my God, I don’t trust him anymore.’  Maybe that’s part of the reason I left because he realized I was playing the game.  He realized I was strategizing and that intimidated him.”


Another thing that may have contributed to her demise was her poor performance in the Reward Challenge in which she had to chug down a tall glass of blended up sea slug guts.  “There’s nothing to describe how horrible it actually tastes.  It’s like when you go to the ocean or the sea, and you smell rotten fish with seaweed and then multiply that, and then on top of it add some chunks that you don’t know what they are.  I had to chew it and then there were these random chunks that I’d run into that I have no idea what they were. …  I’m so disappointed in myself, ’cause I truly thought that I would be one of the better people in that challenge.”


And Ashley can thank Mother Nature for lending a hand in getting her voted off.  “A lot happens in those couple days of taping, but honestly we were in the shelter for four days straight.  We didn’t do much, we really didn’t.  We didn’t strategize because we were all huddled together.  So in that episode, everything that was important was shown.  I mean, they didn’t show us talking about food, which we do constantly.  That’s about it. …  It was so hard, I mean literally we were stuck together for four days straight.  And you’re not going to sit there and go, ‘Hey guys, let’s strategize!’ with everyone sitting there.  Even if I knew ahead of time that I was going to get voted out, I couldn’t have done anything about it.  I wasn’t going to pull someone in the rain and try to strategize.  That would’ve just been stupid on my part.”


Speaking of strategy, Ashley had one former player in mind.  “I wanted to model my game after Parvati.  she was such a good manipulator and I thought that she played an amazing game.  But then I got there and there were no guys that were single on my tribe that I could even try to do that with, so I had to work a different strategy.”


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