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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Marshall Family and Trace Adkins!

October 18, 2009 06:01 PM by Candace Young


Ty Pennington and his Extreme Makeover Home Edition Design Team are headed for Lancaster Texas tonight on ABC. There, they will help Carlton Marshall and his family. Carlton was a decorated member of the Dallas SWAT team, who was shot on the job. His wife, Susan, is a homicide detective, who stood by her husband while he was hospitalized for eight months. Upon Carlton’s return home, they realized that the house was not properly accessible for his wheelchair – he can’t even tuck his children in! Along with country music’s Trace Adkins, the SWAT team members riding the bus with Ty and the designers will help build a new home for the Marshall family!

The family emerges on Door Knock Day, and Ty tells them they will be heading to Disneyland in California! Ty goes into the home with the Marshalls, who talk about their horses, and the horseback riding therapy volunteer work they do with children and adults with mental and physical challenges. Ed decides to do a tractor theme for the young son’s bedroom, while Paul will do a merry-go-round for Jessie, the toddler girl. Ty speaks to Carlton about his disabilities. He says his number one goal is to walk again. Ty asks him about water therapy, and notes how determined he is to improve.

The Marshall family meets the builders from Cheldan Homes, who will oversee the project. As the family is sent on their vacation, Ty Pennington revels in calling in the SWAT team to tear down the old house!

Work begins quickly on the Marshall family’s new home, and Ty takes on the building of a new barn for the horses. He calls in a celebrity with a background in construction to assist – it’s Trace Adkins! The members of the design team bicker over who will get Trace.


In triple-digit heat, Ty Pennington, the design team members, volunteers, and builders all struggle to cope and progress. Trace Adkins comments on the family’s story, then watches Ed run by. He says, “That boy’s cheese has slipped off his cracker!”

Ty visits the horses and clients at TROT (Therapeutic Riding of Texas), to learn about the type of work the Marshall’s do with the horses. Ed takes a tractor in to some custom car guys for them to childproof it for use in young Joseph’s room. Paul goes to Ohio to get Jessie’s carousel horse and fly it back to Texas!


In Disneyland, the Marshall family is introduced to a female member of L.A.’s gang squad that was shot in the line of duty three years ago, and who was also helped by Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The woman introduces Carlton to the swimming pool, and talks about how you can play with your kids in the water.

Back on site, Trace pitches in and everyone perseveres in the heat, until finally it’s time to bring in the furniture. Trace sits on the new sofa and asks when they’ll be turning on the air conditioning!

The Marshall family returns and the crowd chants, “Move that bus!” The new house is revealed and Carlton and Susan are overwhelmed. They thank the builders and meet Trace Adkins, who talks about it not being just for the people you’re helping – it’s also about the gift you give yourself.

The family goes inside and Carlton is very pleased with how much more accessible everything is for him in the wheelchair. Ty, looking really good in a cowboy hat, come in and urges the family to check out the rest of the house.

Upstairs, Joseph is thrilled with the tractor in his room, and his dad is happy he can wheel into the room to tuck his son into bed. Little Jessie is tickled with her carousel horse room and Ty lifts her on for a ride. Carlton is shown into his new therapy room and meets his therapists. Paul tells Carlton that CVS Pharmacy provided all of the machines. Carlton stands up between the parallel bars to applause.

Susan and Carlton Marshall see their new master bedroom, and the ensuite bathroom, which incorporates water therapy right there at home! They next go to the backyard, which features a large play structure for the kids, and a completely accessible barn. Ed explains that CVS Pharmacy has donated all of the equipment in the new barn as well as $35,000 to enable the Marshalls to keep up with the horseback riding therapy. They have even put in a special lift that will allow Carlton to get up on the horse and ride again – it’s an emotional moment when he sits in the saddle.

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Photos Courtesy: ABC, Cheldan Homes, CountryStarsOnline

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