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Jon & Kate: More Summer Footage

October 19, 2009 07:37 PM by Ryan Haidet


It was more old summertime footage splashed across the screen in tonight’s episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8.  Lacking new content due to Jon’s shrinking appearances on the show, the producers at TLC gave us an episode filled with stuff shot much earlier in the summer — which nearly half of this season’s episodes have come from.

Kate took the youngest girls to a place filled with butterflies.  “This is where we have butterflies from all over the world,” their guide said.  The butterflies crawled all over them as the giggled and laughed hysterically.  After dealing with the butterflies, Kate and the girls went into an area with parakeets and other beautifully colored birds.  At one point, Kate became bird woman when she stuck out her arms and the birds sat on top of her.


“I will never, as long as I live, forget what I am going to tell you next,” Kate said.  After her visit with the birds, Kate faced loads of nasty insects, and she was not excited about it at all.  But the girls absolutely loved it.  They had no fear holding the creepy crawlers.

Also on her vacation, Kate took the girls on a hot air balloon ride.  I must ask — why on earth was Kate wearing high heels to go up in a hot air balloon?  Sheesh.  And while this would seem like a fun experience for most, the girls didn’t like it at all because it was so hot.

Back at the house, Jon had bought a water rocket for the boys — and it was a huge success.  The kids loved it when the rocket fired more than 100 feet into the summer sky.  After they shot it multiple times, they had a water-balloon war.  After they were done with their watery fun, Jon broke out a kids’ baseball set.  He stood at their side and helped them swing the bat as the ball shot up into the air.  That moment made Jon think about spending his childhood with his father.

Next week, TLC unleashes a full hour of Kate answering all sorts of questions about the future.

Images courtesy of TLC.

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