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Flipping Out: Season 3 Finale

October 20, 2009 07:59 PM by Britteny Elrick


Unfortunately, season three of Flipping Out has come to an end. Tonight, Jeff Lewis has a startling revelation: he needs a child immediately.  When he realizes that he’s not getting any younger, Jeff starts asking about adoption and surrogates.  Somewhere in the midst of his research, he asks ex-boyfriend Ryan if he can have just one of his extra frozen embryos. And, uh, there’s some other stuff that happened too.  It just didn’t make as much of an impression as the desperate plea for embryos.

Jeff Lewis is still pissed at Ryan for not admitting he was shady. Ryan still feels hurt because of all the accusations that Jeff threw at him.  They drive to pick out some birthday stuff for Ryan’s daughter, Chloe.  While they are shopping, Jeff vetoes the magician idea because he believes they are nothing but an organized ring of pedofiles.


Jett reveals that his girlfriend is having a baby girl.  This makes Jeff realize that he needs to have kids rather soon if he wants to make it to their graduation without his oxygen tank. Jenni doesn’t think it’s a good idea. At all.  Then Jeff gets in trouble when he tells one of his workers to set off some spider bombs, and one of his clients accidentally ingests some of the chemicals. Jeff thinks it’s hilarious that the mom and child were throwing up… which concerns Jenni.  And everyone else around them.

In order to capitalize on the falling market, Jeff needs to sell his house so he can purchase some foreclosures.  He’s upset that his house, Valley Oak, hasn’t gotten any bites so he lowers it to his bottom line price.  If it still doesn’t sell, he says he will focus on other things.


Later, when Jenni and Jeff roll up to the Strohm property, he discovers three of the workers asleep on the lawn.  He is appalled.  While they are visiting with the owner, one of her kids accidentally calls Jeff “daddy.” This sends him into another spiraling depression about how he needs to adopt a child.


Jeff calls Ryan and asks him how it goes as far as surrogates and everything. He finds out Ryan has 20 frozen embryos and Jeff asks him if he can borrow one. When Ryan refuses, Jeff calls him selfish. Then he admits that he’d like to have Zoila or Jenni to carry his child, however, he’s concerned that Jenni won’t get any action if she’s preggers.

Jeff finally gets an offer on his house, but he decides not to take it. He thinks that maybe it’s a good idea for him to stay settled if he wants to have a child. Then, he asks Jett if his girlfriend would be willing to sell their child-to-be.  Now Zoila is appalled.  Jeff just thinks he’s a good businessman for considering the proposition.


Ryan’s house remodel and pool are finally finished in time for Chloe’s third birthday party.  He’s still planning on moving to Santa Barbara once his home sells.  Jeff doesn’t want to miss the party, but at the same time he feels like he still can’t trust Ryan so there is no point in going.  Jenni dresses up as a lizard for the party and Jeff is concerned that she will never meet a man.

As Jeff leaves the party, he is saddened to think he might not be around for Chloe’s next birthday.   Aw, gees.

Ugh. I can only imagine what’s in store for us on the next season!

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