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The Biggest Loser Sends A Few Home And Back Again

October 20, 2009 07:41 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser sends some of the Losers home this week see their families and to train on their own. While they are home, they will be tempted with all the food that sent them all to the farm to begin with. It seems rather early in the season for such an emotional homecoming but this should give the Losers all a test as to what lies ahead once all but two of them prior to the finale do inevitably head home. The real test will be what happens when trainers, Jillian and Bob, see what happens when training, or the lack of it, goes bad.

The Blue Team dragged their butts back and the Black Team was surprised to see the scourge of The Biggest Loser, Tracey, still in their ranks. Tracey even cried when she thought everyone was shocked to see her continuing the drama.


Exercise the next day was short as the Losers were off to an unusual early-in-the-week challenge. Host Allison Sweeney told the Losers that their next challenge was to find four keys to open boxes on the beach. Allison said that the challenge will determine who stays on campus and who goes home. The teams went to digging and the Black Team looked very determined at the outset looking for the keys.

The Reward Challenge

Black Team member, Danny, was the first to uncover a key but Blue Team member, Allen, was right behind him. Blue looked to have the advantage until Daniel was able to free his box and help the other team members on Black Team. If the challenge would have been about who bitched the most, Shay definitely would have won the challenge easily for the Black Team.


The Blue Team gathered their tickets home and Alison told them that they would be away from the ranch and not train for a week. The Blue Team debated about wanting to go vs not training for a week, but the game being what it is, the Blue Team sent the Black team home as a way to get rid of one of them at the weigh-in.

Of course, the homecomings were all mushy but the reality of training at home soon started to sink in. The Losers knew being at home was a blessing in disguise but the families have not been on the ranch and seemed to prepare a bunch of bad food for them all to eat. What was weird was that a lot of the Losers have not lost that much weight and haven’t really changed as dramatically as their families proclaimed, but, oh well, what do I know? While all of the at-home Losers promised to work hard and eat well, one of them was coming back home pretty quickly by the looks of things.


Meanwhile back at the ranch, Bob was treating every workout like it was a Last Chance Workout for the Blue Team as he wanted them to appreciate the comforts of being at the ranch. Tracy was back in the gym after being out on doctor’s orders and she actually did a pretty decent workout, but it was Liz who gripped, panted and spit the most.

Blue Team, Amanda, was struggling but Jillian called at a pretty opportune time to give her some encouragement. Shay struggled immensely as she felt ostracized because she was big as she was working out in an actually gym close to her home.


Bob did a quick milk commercial for the Blue Team as Liz said she promised to be a more of a healthy grandma by not having soda and sweets at her house. Right! The Blue Team members were all profiled eating out at restaurants and Blue Team member, Shay, was surprised that her family members were not eating that well in support. Welcome, home, Shay, welcome home. Oops, wrong show.

Shay actually did some eating at the Subway with some friends and she had a pretty good grasp on eating healthy, at least at the Subway. All of the Losers on the Black Team headed back to the ranch after tearful goodbyes and if nothing else, the trip home was a lesson for the Losers.


After a stint at helping at a food bank, the Blue Team watched as the Black Team rolled in hoping that they looked fatter. Jillian tortured the newly-arrived Black Team and you could tell that they were not prepared for the brutality of it all, but many of the Black Team members were glad to have the abuse. Bob said that if the Blue Team lost the weigh-in this week, that it “Would be sad” since having the house to themselves all week.

The Weigh-In

Ali told them that the Blue team had the ranch all to themselves while the Black Team went home and said the Blue Team was first on the scales.

Blue Team

Allen lost 8 pounds

Rebecca lost 5 pounds

Tracey lost 4 pounds

Liz lost 4 pounds

Rudy lost 14 pounds for a total team percentage loss of 2.65%

Black Team, who spent a week at home

Amanda lost a respectable 6 pounds

Shay lost 5 pounds

Abby lost 4 pounds

Dina lost 5 pounds

Danny lost a huge 15 pounds

Daniel shockingly gained 1 pound, sending the Black Team to the elimination room.

The Elimination Room

Danny was safe from elimination because he lost the most for the Black Team and it was hard to see what the team members were thinking. Alison quizzed the team members and the first vote from Daniel was for Dina; Dina retaliated and voted for Daniel; Abby voted for Dina; Danny voted for Daniel; Amanda voted for Dina and Shay, having been Daniel’s partner at the beginning, voted for Dina finishing her time at The Biggest Loser ranch.


Since leaving the ranch Dina has gone from 253 pounds to 188 pounds and is looking amazing and is now inspired to be different when it comes to the finale.

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