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Ghost Hunters: A Spirit-Filled Theater

October 21, 2009 09:02 PM by Ryan Haidet


Although this season started out as a dud, the last few episodes of Ghost Hunters on SyFy have proved worth watching.  In tonight’s episode, the TAPS team ventured to Chicago once again, but this time to investigate the Congress Theater.  The theater, which was built in 1925, had numerous reports of paranormal activity.

Upon their arrival, a tour guide told them about all of the spirits said to be lurking the theater’s halls.  There have been reports of strange activity in the main theater, projection room, dressing rooms and the basement.  Some even claimed to see a ghostly woman walking down the theater’s aisles in a blue dress.

After placing all the cameras up, the TAPS team turned all of the lights off and began their investigation.  Almost immediately, Jason and Grant were hearing some strange sounds near the stage.  They could hear footsteps and shuffling, but they couldn’t pin its origins.  Moments later, they spotted something moving in a distant balcony.  They described it as a shadowy thing that was emitting its own light.  Jason ran up to the area where they had seen the figure, but when they arrived there was nobody there.  Everything they saw did not appear on camera, so as viewers we have to take their word for it.


When Steve and Tango were doing their investigation at the catwalk, Tango felt like his shirt near his shoulder had been grabbed.  “That was weird, I never felt that before,” Tango said. They took their investigation to the basement next to use some of their new equipment.  As they sat in the dark, Steve challenged the spirits to knock or make some sounds — something responded with two knocks.  When they took their investigation elsewhere, Steve felt like he saw a person’s head near the stage.  Then, Tango saw it and immediately started running after it.  They found nothing.

As the spirit search continued, Britt and Amy heard some banging sounds — like a door shutting below them — as they investigated the upstairs area of the theater.  They couldn’t pin down where it came from, so they weren’t exactly sure what had caused the noises.


After analyzing all of their evidence, the TAPS team revealed everything they captured.  They first told him about all of the personal experiences before getting to the good stuff.  There were a pair of weak EVPs, but the thermal video they captured was very interesting.  There was some sort of object moving around on camera in which they felt was unexplainable.  Jason and Grant felt the image on the thermal camera was extremely similar to the object they saw in the balcony.

Images courtesy of SyFy.

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