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Models of the Runway: A Surprise Elimination on the Runway

October 22, 2009 09:22 PM by DA Southern


Models of the Runway often mirrors the stress and strife of the designers from Project Runway as the models get the privilege of knowing what it would be like to model designs from a top fashion designer like Michael Kors. If nothing else, the models will finally have a taste of doing a fashion show of top designs and for one; it will reflect a dream that will soon be a reality.

The models were shocked to see Nicolas go over Christopher as he had been in the bottom for three straight challenges. Kojii, who was Nicolas’s model, started feeling that she was a jinx as she has been the model of three eliminated designers. Well, at least she is still there and the designers are gone.


Celine was a bit sad to see Nicolas go as well as she worked with him for four of the challenges. Nicolas greeted all of the models and said his goodbyes and Heidi had her usual chat with the girls. Kojii said she was not excited about Nicolas design at all as he seemed not to be inspired by Greece.

Heidi sent the girls off to play and the models sat around discussing the various designers that they wanted to work with. Ebony then went into a discussion about how models are supposed to inspire the designers and that it was a partnership that they had with the designers. I am not really sure about that as most of the designers don’t seem to really care about what the models think as they have way too much on their plate to worry if the models like their designs. One thing can definitely be said however; A model can sink a design if they don’t sell it on the runway.


The models went off to a dance class of some kind to blow off some steam and it was funny to watch a few of the confident runway walkers proclaim that they did not have any coordination. I think model Celine said it best when she said, “Dancing around getting to act slutty was kind of fun.” OK, feel free to insert your own joke here.

The Model Elimination

Heidi told the designers that they were to chose their models. Irina chose Kaylyn once again and Gordana chose Matar and it looked as though the designers were staying true to the models. In the end, it was between Celine and Kojii, but Kojii has been with several losing designers and Celine, who said she had a dream she was going to be eliminated, had her dream come true and she was indeed eliminated.


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