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Project Runway: Designs From Around the World Sinks One

October 22, 2009 08:52 PM by DA Southern


Project Runway sends the remaining designers into a virtual snake pit as they head to Michael Kors fashion headquarters in LA to design for one of the foremost fashionistas in the industry. With Kors dishing out the challenge as well as judging it, needless to say, the cream will really rise to the top tonight as we get a pretty fair glimpse of who will be strong down the home stretch and the pressure of it all will stretch the nerves of the remaining seven.

Carol Hannah was reminiscing about Shirin leaving and even though she won the last challenge, knew that it didn’t matter as she did not have immunity. Heidi greeted the designers and said that Tim was taking them down Rodeo Drive to meet a designer that would be the focus of their next challenge.


The designers were shocked to go into Michael Kors and wondering what he had in store for them. Kors said that he was anxious to see what inspired the designers and wanted them to Wow the judges with their inspiration. The designers were to chose a location and then be inspired with a design from the country or city they chose. After the designers chose their locals, they each had a budget of one-hundred and fifty dollars and Tim explained that it was a one day challenge.

Althea had a design from France; Nicolas was to design from Greece; Carol Hannah had Palm Beach design; Christopher had a Santa Fe design to be inspired from; Gordana was designing from New York; Irina had Aspen to create a look for and Logan had to impress Kors with a design from Hollywood.


Tim was in to see the progress of the designers and Gordana worried Tim with her lack of dress that she still had to do for her New York inspiration. Althea’s St Tropez design was intriguing to Tim and Christopher’s Santa Fe design had a lot of chiffon but Tim was thinking that he was spending a lot of time doing just a belt; Carol Hannah’s Palm Beach design was light and truly reflected the beach atmosphere but Tim was concerned that the judges would not be inspired by the design.

Nicolas design inspired by Greece was a usual disaster at this point and Tim seemed rather blah about it. Logan’s Hollywood design seemed laid-back but Tim thought he had a real challenge ahead of him; Irina’s Aspen design was very elaborate and Tim was worried that she would run out of time because of the detail that she was putting into it.

Day of the Runway Show

The designers were all strapped for time it seemed but Irina displayed her usual cool and calm exterior no matter what she thought of her design overall. Nicolas was telling everyone that his mental breakdown was much better because of his lack of time to complete part of his design and most of the designers were trying to make their final adjustments before the models came into be fitted.


Heidi said that all of the designers were to be inspired by various places across the globe and introduced the judges, Kors, Nina Garcia and guest judge actress, Milla Jovovich and started the show. All of the designs seem to look a lot better than they did during the final preparations but you could tell that a few really missed the mark and one or two seemed to hit the target right on. The judges didn’t seem quite as impressed at first look but did manage to see some looks of approval.


Heidi called out Althea and said she was safe and called the rest of the six designers models out to explain. Irina’s Aspen look was given a pretty favorable rating; Christopher’s Santa Fe design was called not so Santa Fe inspired; the Palm Beach design from Carol Hannah was love by Nina Garcia and Milla, Heid and Kors raved on the dress. The Greece-inspired design from Nicolas was called inspired from Greece the movie instead of the country Greece. Gordana’s Park Avenue design was called a bit simple and Heidi called it “Quite beautiful.” Logan’s Hollywood was called a “Young Hollywood” look by him but the judges were not buying it and it was called just clothes, not fashion by Kors.

Irina, Gordana and Carol Hannah seemed to impress the most and Christopher, Nicolas and Logan seemed to be on the edge of leaving the competition. OK, it was a girls vs guys competition, it seems. Heidi called out Carol Hannah as safe and then said that Irina was the winner of the challenge.


The three guys were lambasted for their sorry designs and Gordana was called out as safe. Logan was safe, leaving Nicolas and Christopher to wonder if they were to see another week. In the end, Christopher skated by and our constant commentator, Nicolas, was sent packing his knives. We will miss his constant harping on the other designers and saying that he was so great. Well, I guess not.

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One Response to “Project Runway: Designs From Around the World Sinks One”

  1. mamavoodoo Says:
    November 20th, 2009 at 2:40 pm

    I am personally upset with the judges choice.I feel she meerly copied clothing thats already out there.Also putting riding hats on her models wasnt avante garde!I feel the other two designers had better visions and better attitudes.Basically a spoiled brat one and that just makes me loose a little respect for the judges.


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