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Survivor Samoa: A Double Tribal Council Yields Surprising Results

October 22, 2009 06:29 PM by DA Southern


Survivor: Samoa rocks the house tonight as exhaustion and weakness from the lack of food sends one survivor into la-la land as a challenge gets out of hand, well, for one anyway. Even Jeff Probst has been shocked as to the physicality of this season of Survivor and, especially, tonight’s challenge that lays a survivor out prone on the Samoan jungle floor.

Foa Foa, on the heels of Ashley getting the boot and Liz appearing to be next, looked as if the moral if the tribe was not improving as their numbers continued to dwindle.  The weather continued to beat their spirits down, except for Russell, who seemed to relish the unsavory conditions. Jaison, who always looks as if he is ready to quit, even said he was actually jealous when Ashley went home. So much for team spirit.


Russell of Galu seemed to be lost in thought as he stared out into the ocean as the rest of his tribe was cursing his decision to not take the tarp several reward challenges back. The rest of the tribe was looking for shelter as Russell was trying to keep the fire going in the rain. The fact that Russell was trying to do too much would soon be his downfall and the rest of the tribe seemed to acknowledge that fact.

Russell was lamenting his tribe’s laziness and he had a great line when he said, “If you don’t throw up during a challenge, you are not doing enough.” Leave it to Russell to say what we are thinking. Love him or hate him, he seemed to be providing the running commentary for the game like has never been done before.


A rainbow gave us new hope and the Survivors headed to the challenge and the infamous put the ball through a puzzle box blindfolded. Besides being blindfolded, Jeff then said that both tribes were headed to tribal council tonight. Russell said he was feeling weak but decided to go through with the challenge.

The Immunity Challenge…Maybe

The blindfolded team members, guided by the survivor in the ball that was being pushed, seemed to be fairly equal until Foa Foa took a lead. Russell of Galu was staggering and was not even aware of where he was as he tried to man the big puzzle box. Russell collapsed as it looked as if he hit his head on the corner of the box and Jeff stopped the game as the medics came and tended to him.


It took a while for Russell to regain consciousness and Jeff made everyone take off their blindfolds. Jeff canceled the challenge and said that both tribes would be heading to Tribal Council and that there was no winner. It s ashamed as it was the first time that Foa Foa was actually ahead in a challenge.

The wind was taken out of the sails of the confident Foa Foa tribe and, to make matters worse the rains blew back in to dampen the spirits even more. Back at the challenge area, the medics were still trying to find out what was going on with Russell. Every time he tried to get up, he seemed to pass out and the determination was that Russell was going out of the game. Russell begged to stay in the game and he was visibly upset as to the way he was leaving saying that “His family was depending on him” but Jeff said it best when he said that Russell was the leader of the powerful team but that his body just game out on him; And this from the tribe that has won just about everything.


Back at Foa Foa, Liz knew her days were probably numbered as either her or Natalie were leaving being the women of the tribe. Russell was determined that Liz was next on his hit-list and Jaison was moaning once again about how they were so unlucky because they were winning and then Russell had to go and be all inconsiderate and everything.

Over in Galu, Shambo seemed to be on the outs with everyone and she tried to make a case for staying, but all of the girls didn’t seem to be buying it. The guys had a different look at it as Monica was looking to be the weak link for the group and they had the numbers to vote out Monica.

Tribal Council

A rare tribal had all of the castaways all sitting on the logs and Jeff told everyone that Russell was pulled from the game and Russell of Foa Foa said he would rather have beat him fair and square instead of this way. Several of the other tribe members said that regardless of the weather, they were staying in the game.


Jeff said that due to the unprecedented events of the day, there would be no votes tonight, but a strong player in Russell was sent out of the game. After some trash talk between the tribes, it looks as though Foa Foa was going back to camp with a renewed spirit after not losing a team member.

Images courtesy of CBS.

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