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Kelly Osbourne Talks About How ‘Dancing’ Changed Her Life

October 23, 2009 03:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


Kelly Osbourne, who has openly struggled with her weight over the years, has tried everything from substance abuse to diet pills in order to slim down.  Now she is talking about how Dancing With The Stars has not only helped her shed those excess pounds, but has also helped her develop healthier eating habits.

Kelly mentions that during rehearsals for the show, she started losing weight quickly from all the exercise. “I started to feel so sick,” she told PEOPLE. “My hands started to feel a bit tingly. I had to sit down because my heart was beating really fast.” Apparently, once she started shedding pounds she wanted to encourage the weight loss by not eating as much food.  In one month Kelly dropped two dress sizes.

She admitted that most of her over-eating problems in the past were emotional. “I would take a bunch of pills and order whatever I liked,” she said of her reaction to reading tabloids and blogs about herself. “Mashed potatoes, chicken pot pie from the Cheesecake Factory, Chinese food. I would just sit there and eat and eat. And cry while I was eating.”  She then tried everything from starving herself to drugs to bulimia to regain her shape.

Kelly revealed that she now eats five small, well-balanced meals throughout the day. “When you do something the right way, it’s such a different feeling from shoving your face full of diet pills,” she said. “I feel like a different person.”  She has also cut out carbs and soda from her diet, allowing herself only one cheat day per week and participates in Pilates twice a week.

“If I was on downers, I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing,” she said of Dancing. “You have to be completely clean and focused.”   “I wake up happy every single day,” she added. “I went through a horrible patch in my life—but I had to go through that in order to be like this.”

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