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Amazing Race 15: Tears And Fears

October 25, 2009 07:23 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on the The Amazing Race, teams will explore Dubai and attempt to get acclimated to the horrendously hot temperatures. With Cheyne and Meghan so far in advance after using the fast forward, will any one else stand a chance at pulling ahead?  One team will be challenged to face their biggest fear and it just might cost them the race.  Keep reading to hear what happened…

Cheyne and Meghan are the first to depart and they encounter a road block.

ROAD BLOCK: Teams must row a dingy to a boat off shore from the Dubai marina and are then presented with a watch. Then they bring the watch back to shore where they must figure out that the time it’s set to is the combination. Cheyne and Meghan are the first to complete and receive the next clue. Brian and Ericka are in second place. Cheyne is happy that it was a tough challenge physically because he believes it will hinder several teams.

When they are instructed to head to the Abra Station for their next clue, they encounter a detour. In Gold, teams must use a precision scale to weight $500 worth of gold.  It’s difficult due to constantly changing exchange rates. In Glass, teams take a bunch of disassembled hookahs and put them back together.


Meghan and Cheyne choose Glass, and they are quickly getting frustrated with the hookahs. Meanwhile, Big Easy is having fun with the dingy challenge and has now stopped rowing and started to do the backstroke. They haven’t realized that the watch is the combination and are struggling to complete the task.

Mika and Canaan, who are in last place, show up to the doc while Big Easy and Flight Time are still figuring out the combo. They actually pass them up and start to catch up to everyone else. Brian and Ericka chose Gold, but they are becoming increasingly frustrated with the exchange rate and want to give up.

Cheyne and Meghan are the first to complete the detour and head off to the Atlantis, the Palm Resort. One team member must take a six story plunge on a 90 degree water slide into a shark pool. Maria and Tiffany are stuck at the Gold road block with Sam and Dan – they finally work together to get it done.


After completing the water slide plunge, teams must search the resort for Dolphin Bay Beach, their next pitstop. Meghan and Cheyne are in first place. Back at the detour, many of the teams are getting heat exhaustion and overly frustrated with the hookahs. Brian and Ericka finally switch from Gold to Glass.

Sam and Dan and their new alliance Tiffany and Maria, come in 2nd and 3rd place, followed by Gary and Matt. Canaan and Mika finally get to the plunge and Mika is freaking out. She not only has a fear of heights but of water as well.  And I’m assuming sharks too. She starts crying and screaming for help as Mike tries to get her to walk toward the slide.  He tells her they are not going to lose the race because of a water slide, but uh, that might be the case.

As she is sitting on the slide Big Easy and Flight Time arrive. That means she has two minutes to complete the task before they can move ahead. The boys try to talk her out of it and sure enough, she chickens out.  After they go, Canaan decides to go and Mika is left up there crying. Big Easy and Flight Time are the next team to reach the pitstop.  Had it not been for Mika’s freak out, they would have been eliminated. Instead, Mika and Canaan are sent home.

Over a water slide.  Really?


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