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Dancing With The Stars 10/26/09: Mambo Dance Marathon

October 26, 2009 07:26 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on Dancing With The Stars, the competition shifts into gear with two weeks of double eliminations. The couples are dancing either the romantic Waltz or the fast footed Jitterbug this evening. Also, for the very first time on the show, a Mambo dance marathon took place.


The first dancers tonight were Mya and Dmitry performing a Jitterbug. The jist of this dance is fun, but Mya wasn’t having any when she was in pain from rehearsal. After a massage she went right back to it and hoped to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. She had the emotional connection that was missing last week. Len said that her dancing was wasted with gimmicks. Bruno said that her dancing and timing was spot on and synchronized. Carrie Ann said that she thought that Mya was too soft and muted??? The first scores tonight were 8, 7 and 9 a score of 24. Bruno is in a good mood tonight while Carrie Ann and Len seem to be in the grumpy seats.

Next, Melissa and Mark were performing the Waltz. Mark brought in his mother to help Melissa with her technique and after a tough day, Melissa felt that she was ready to give a class act. Bruno did not think the dance was good enough for week six and told Melissa that she had bad posture. Carrie Ann told her that the Waltz is supposed to be smooth, but it looked like the floor was sticky and Len thought that she looked elegant throughout the dance, but although there were some problems with the technique Bruno and Carrie Ann were being a little bit harsh? They received 7, 7 and 6 a score of 20.

The next individual routine was a Jitterbug from Mark and Lacey. This week was going to be a bit more challenging for Mark as Lacey was going to teach him to lead the dance so that he would shine. After their Jitterbug club dancing, Mark had the attitude he needed to dance tonight. Their dance was full of fun and I loved the kitty kat theme. Carrie Ann howled for them and said she loved it as it was amazing. Len said that sometimes less is more, but not in the Jitterbug, and he thought it was full of energy and great. Bruno said that it was truly spectacular and Mark managed to keep up with the amazing kitty! The were given deserving 9′s by Carrie Ann and Len and a party pooper 8 from Bruno for a score of 26.


Aaron and Karina were going to try and get out of the bottom two this week with their Waltz. Aaron was very dedicated to the character tonight and he lacked no emotion. Len said that Aaron danced with maturity and had a great connection. It was his best dance and he was proud of him. Bruno said, “The boy has become a gentleman.” Carrie Ann said it was beautiful and she was falling in love with the character. They received 8, 9 and 8 for a 25.

The football hero was next with another Waltz for this evening on Dancing With The Stars. Michael and Anna were under pressure as there is a double elimination this week. Michael was hoping his Waltz would be a great start to a stretch run. The couple are always smiling at each other, they were cute and very romantic this evening. Bruno said that the Waltz was not in the premiere league even if he was enjoying himself. He kept bringing up week six. Carrie Ann asked Anna if her feet came off the ground and Anna looked off into the distance. Carrie said she did like the dance, but it was good and bad all at once. Len said that it is amazing that three people can watch the same dance and two of them can get it totally wrong as he thought it was very, very good and well done! Len definately took his happy pills tonight. The scores were 6, 8 and 6 boooooo! a 20 tonight.

Kelly and Louis were dancing the Jitterbug, but she had to confront her fears so Louis took her trapezing. After confronting that fear she hit the floor, but again this week she looked afraid at moments. Carrie Ann said that she looked scared again, while Len said that it looked as if she were babying her sore foot and her dance was like a blueberry muffin without the blue berries. Bruno said her dance was just beige! They received 7, 6 and 7 a 20. Poor Kelly.


Louie and Chelsie were dancing the Jitterbug this week. He knew he had to step it up and he did try some tricks with his flat footed feet. Len said that unfortunately that he loses his energy within the dance and Bruno said that he is wacko without being precise. Carrie Ann loved the dance and thought that he suited it. He also dropped his partner twice which is unacceptable. They received scores of triple 7′s for a 21.

Derek has survived the flu and was back to dance this week with his partner Joanna. They were doing the Waltz tonight. The couple wanted to show that they were contenders with their routine tonight. Their dance was very flowing, soft and beautiful. Bruno said it was like watching a butterfly. Carrie Ann said that there was something strange as Joanna had hesitation a lot and seemed to be doubting herself. Len said that her footwork wasn’t too brilliant, but he loved the movements and it was the best Waltz they had seen. They received 8, 9 and 9 a 26.


The final couples dance tonight on Dancing With The Stars was from Donny and Kym dancing the Jitterbug. They had a lot of energy with their dance and took me back to the track…Jack. Carrie Ann said that they certainly know how to work a room. Len said that the great thing is they come out and perform their rotuines full on. Bruno said that it was like looking at a steam engine trying to keep up with a bullet train, but they did a great job. The final couple scores tonight was triple 8′s a 24.

Next the competition Mambo was up and all of the couples were competiting at once for the scores of the judges and the voters tonight. The first person tapped out by the judges tonight got 2 points while the last person standing received 10. The stars were prepared to fight to the finish. As the music started, host Tom Bergeron was going to keep the audience updated on the scores. The first couple out was Michael and Anna with 2 points. Next Louie and Chelsie received 3 points as the second couple voted out. Melissa and Mark left next with 4 points and Kelly and Louis received 5 points. Mark and Lacey left with 6 points. Then Donny and Kym went next with 7 points and Aaron and Karina left with 8 points. The last two couples were Mya and Dmitry with 9 and Joanna and Derek with 10 points for the lead of 32.

Tomorrow night on Dancing With The Stars, Taylor Swift performs as the guest star and two more couples will be eliminated. Also the dance-off segments begins at 9 PM ET only on ABC  !

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