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The Biggest Loser: An Elimination Of The Heart

October 27, 2009 07:45 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser goes one-on-one this week as the Losers are paired up against each other for challenges and the all-consuming weigh-in. With so much at stake for one of the Losers, it seems as if team loyalty may not help in the end. Throw in the usual drama that surrounds our girl, Tracey, and a battle of unparalleled proportions between Jillian and Amanda, and you have but yet another fun week at The Biggest Loser ranch.

Black team sauntered in after eliminating Dina, and Amanda said that it was all about friendships in the game; essentially the game is always front and center. Liz was not buying the weepy-weepy stuff as she was still tied to Danny through all of this.


A new day brought a new challenge and host Allison Sweeney said that Rudy was close to a new Biggest Loser record of losing one-hundred pounds. Allison said it was a head-to-head challenge this week and that the team with the most points based on the face-off competition will win and the other team will send a team member home.

In a pop challenge, the team the quickest to five-hundred points going under a bar back and forth and touching a counter will get to pick the head-to-head challenge members. Abby was against Tracey in the first under the bar competition. Tracey was a marathon runner but black was keeping the black team ahead. Allen pulled the Blue Team ahead but Liz caused the Blue Team to lose some ground. At around three hundred points, it was fairly even as Daniel for the Black Team was tagged for the final push to five hundred. Daniel and Rebecca were tied at four hundred and seventeen but Rebecca had the stamina to finish strong for Blue Team giving them the opportunity to choose the teams.


The team face-to-face breakdown was, Rebecca against Amanda, Tracey against Abby, Allen against Danny, Rudy against Shay leaving Liz and Daniel against each other. What was interesting was that percentages of weight loss between the pairings were pretty similar, but it looked as though the Blue Team had the advantage in overall percentages lost.

Bob had pool exercise with his team and the drama between Jillian and Amanda was a brewin’ as Amanda started complaining about not wanting to exercise on the treadmill. She was being a super-baby and she was crying early and shouted at Jillian that “She was so used to be a fat girl” and that “She wasn’t ready to be pushed.” Uhh, why did you come on the show then, Amanda? Well, she finally stormed out of the gym like the big baby that she is leaving Jillian wondering why some of the contestants even bothered coming on the show.


A baseball challenge was up for the Losers and they were all wearing jerseys with the amount of weight they have lost. There were baseballs all over the field and Ali had baseball player, Derrick Jeter, announce the challenge to the Losers. The idea was to pick up baseballs on the field and toss them at lifesize pictures of themselves that were on the field. The winner had Curtis Stone cooking for them and a two pound weight advantage at the next challenge.

Allen seemed to be the target for the most of the baseballs and was the first put out by the Black Team. Amanda was first out for the Black Team and then Rebecca went out for the Blue Team. Daniel went out next followed by Rudy on the Blue Team leaving Liz to finish for the Blue Team pretty much dooming the Blue Team.

Last-Chance Workout

After a Curtis Stone cooked barbecue, it was off to the Last-Chance Workout to see who would put it all together to lose the needed pounds for face-off week. Jillian had a heart-to-heart with Abby who was coming to grips with why she was overweight and discovered that after losing her family in an auto accident and that she had used food to fill a void that the loss took away. Abby was now in a place of rediscovering her joy for living. It has to be probably one of the most courageous stories ever on The Biggest Loser.


Jillian and Amanda seemed to patch things up a bit but Amanda had such a fear of failure that is probably why she ended up being overweight. Jillian said that “Amanda had to let go the image of being the fat girl and until she decided to do it, she would remain heavy.”

The battle at the Last Chance Workout was like none ever seen on the Biggest Loser as the people who were paired off against each other were taking the challenge pretty seriously. All of the hurts of the past seemed to come out with every sweat molecule the Losers were getting rid of. This group has definitely taken all of the fun out of dysfunctional.

The Weigh-In

Ali told the teams that it is a face-off challenge and that the Black Team had a two pound weight advantage for Amanda.

First face-off

Amanda lost 4 pounds and had 2 pounds advantage for a 2.75% weight loss

Rebecca lost 9 pounds for the first point for the Blue Team, blowing Amanda’s percentage out of the water

Second Face-off

Abby lost 3 pounds for a 1.47% weight loss

Tracey only needed 2 pounds to beat Abby, lost 5 pounds, giving the Blue Team another point

Third Face-off

Danny lost 12 pounds for a 3.36%

Allen, needed 9 pounds to beat Danny, lost 8 pounds, giving Black their first point

Fourth Face-off

Daniel lost 5 pounds for a disappointing 1.81% weight loss

Liz, needed 4 pounds to beat Daniel, lost 7 pounds giving the Blue team the victory

Fifth Face-off

Shay lost 9 pounds

Rudy, shooting for the 100 pound weight loss, had Dane from last season watching to see if his record was broken, lost 14 pounds, beating The Biggest Loser record for quickest person to lose 100 pounds.

The Black Team left to decide who to voted off and Liz was happy to see Danny have immunity.  It looked as though Daniel was not working hard enough, but he had a lot of friends on the team. Oddly enough, Abby seemed to be wanting the team to vote for her.


At the elimination room, Abby voted for Amanda, Shay voted for Abby after telling her how much she loved her; that was a little strange, Amanda voted for Abby, Danny voted for Daniel and Daniel finished Abby off by voting for Abby and had she lobbied harder to stay, Daniel should have been the one to leave.

Since leaving the ranch, Abby had a huge homecoming and has lost over 80 pounds and has taken the tragedy of her life to talk to others about living a positive life. If nothing else, we are proud of Abby for coming out on the other side. Maybe Amanda and Shay should take a cue from her and quit whining so much.

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