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Ghost Hunters: Spirits Of Children

October 28, 2009 09:16 PM by Ryan Haidet


Halloween is just days away, and the team from Ghost Hunters took their search for spirits to Briarhurst Manor in Manitou Springs, Colorado.  When they arrived at the beautiful location, their tour guide told them stories where guests had spotted a skeletal-like woman, the sounds of phantom voices and a vase that flew across the room.  Guests have also seen a young girl playing around the grounds in addition to full-bodied apparitions and shadow people.  What would their investigation reveal?

Lights Out

Jason and Grant kicked off the investigation by asking the spirits questions.  Almost immediately, Jason thought he was hearing the sounds of a creaking board above him, which motivated them to investigate the attic where kids used to play when it was rainy.  They believed a creaking board upstairs was definitely the same sound they heard when down below.  Shortly after that, they challenged the ghosts to run in the attic above them.  They suddenly heard what they believed to be similar to the sounds of somebody running around.

Amy and Kris went into the attic to investigate the strange sounds that Jason and Grant had been hearing.  They took a seat and did an EVP session to try and elicit some of the ghostly voices of some of the children.  “If you’re here can you touch one of us?” they asked.  But nothing happened, so they called it quits in the attic and moved on to something else in the investigation.

Red Wall

Jason and Grant continued their investigative work by heading upstairs to check a bathroom.  Before they opened the door, there was the sound of a young girl’s voice.  It really didn’t seem to phase them much, which took me by surprise.  So instead of further investigating the noise, they decided to simply enter the bathroom where they solved the issue of red coloring that was seeping out of wallpaper downstairs — a red cleaning agent in the bathroom above had been dripping down causing the issue.


As they kept on doing their investigation, Jason and Grant continued to hear the voice of a female with no obvious sign of origin.  So they tried to track down the source of the sounds.  With flashlights in hand, Jason and Grant went to an office filled with computers, but they didn’t hear the voice again.

Analysis & Reveal

After they wrapped up the investigation, Steve and Tango analyzed all of the evidence.  Every time I see the evidence analysis, I can’t help but think the same thing — that must be extremely boring.  Just saying.

In the traditional reveal of evidence, Jason and Grant showcased some of the haunting moments they experienced during their investigation.  Not only did they capture the voice of a female, but there was an EVP of a man who sounded like he was humming.

Certainly some creepy stuff captured, but nothing incredible.  With Halloween later this week, I wish they would’ve really gave us a scary episode.

Oh well.  Better luck next week.

Images courtesy of SyFy.

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