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Top Chef Las Vegas: Arrogance Sinks A Chef

October 28, 2009 08:30 PM by DA Southern


Top Chef Las Vegas showed us in Restaurant Wars that the brothers were indeed a force to be reckoned with and that Kevin, while he has been brilliant at times, could be taken from his element enough to put him in the hot seat. With this week’s guest judge, actress Natalie Portman, giving an unusual challenge to the chefs and the chefs cooking at Chef Tom Colicchio’s Las Vegas restaurant, it is set to be another shocker on Top Chef Las Vegas.

Jen C was still bumming about losing restaurant Wars and Robin was glad to be on the winning team and loved that she skirted elimination once again. I told you that woman had nine lives. The chefs gathered their gear and headed off to the Quickfire Challenge where Host, Padma Lakshmi was waiting with Chef Paul Bartolotta as they introduced the TV dinner challenge.

The Quickfire Challenge

The chefs had to pick knifes with iconic shows from TV past and had to concoct a TV dinner that related to the TV shows. Jennifer C had the Flintstones; Kevin had the Sopranos; Eli had Gilligan’s Island; Bryan had M*A*S*H; Robin had Sesame Street; Michael V had Cheers and Mike I had Seinfeld and said he had never seen it. So you have to ask, what rock has this guy been living under? Heck, you ought to send him home just for that comment alone.


The recipes were out there and I didn’t get some of the combinations of food and how they related to the shows. Paul didn’t like Jen C and Robin’s dish and loved Kevin and Bryan’s dish. Once again, Kevin picked up a win, which he needed after the last challenge, to pick up his spirits and put his head back into the game.

The Elimination Challenge

Padma sent the Chefs to Tom Colicchio’s restaurant to hear about the Elimination challenge. The chefs immediately looked through the meat like a bunch of savages with visions of meat dishes dancing in their heads. Tom introduced actress Natalie Portman and she took the time to tell about the chefs about the challenge. Natalie announced that she was a vegetarian and the chef’s jaws hit the floor as they were in a steakhouse as they all wondered how they were going to adapt to cooking vegetarian dishes.


The chefs scrambled and, believe it or not, Robin seemed to be the most comfortable as she was preparing. It was hard to tell to tell who was achieving in a way that was at all appealing, if that is at all possible, especially when it comes to vegetables.

Robin’s dish looked interesting as it went out and the judges loved the presentation but thought the seasoning was amiss; Eli’s dish was next and had eggplant at the core of the dish and it seemed to garner pretty high praise overall; Michael V had an interesting looking dish that had asparagus at the center of it. Several of the guest called Michael, “Picasso” as he was a genius in the way he presented his dish; Jen C didn’t like the way her plate looked and Natalie Portman didn’t think the dish stood out; Mike I wasn’t pleased with his execution of his Leeks and the judges didn’t like the smell very well either; Bryan V was not pleased with the plating of his dish and thought this could send him to the bottom this week, which is highly doubtful.


The best line of the night was from Padma when she said that when she tasted Bryan’s dish, that it “Felt like a little prick on the tip of her mouth” which had most all of the table inserting a joke and probably many we didn’t get to see as well; Kevin’s dish was interesting looking and the judges and guests thought that his dish was a “Manly vegetarian meal,” whatever that meant.

Padma called in Kevin, Michael V and Eli, who was in the winner’s circle for once. All of the chefs were congratulated for their dishes and Michaels V’s dish was called “Fun.” Eli’s dish was called “Incredibly beautiful” and Kevin’s dish was called “Special” by Portman. Natalie Portman called Kevin’s dish the winner which brought him back to the top of the pack and looked to edge him towards the finals with the brothers.


Robin, Jen C and Mike I were called in to feel the heat of the judges and Robin looks like she has seen the last meal cooked. Mike I’s dish was called weak because there was no protein in the meal; Robin’s dish was called something that never came together and Jen C said that she was just nervous and the judges thought that she seemed to be in a tailspin. Jen C looked so promising at the beginning and has been struggling in the last several challenges.


Jen C was called weak by Tom because she was second-guessing all of her decisions; Mike was called arrogant and Robin’s dish was called a “Lack of an idea.” Robin should go home as her inability to play with the big boys may have finally caught up with her but Mike I’s arrogance may be his undoing. Padma announced, in a shock, that Mike I was headed out the door giving Robin the true title of the Cat of Top Chef as she definitely has nine lives this season.

Oh yeah, I told you that Mike should have been sent home for the Seinfeld remark.

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