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Models Of The Runway: A Pretty Routine Elimination

October 29, 2009 09:10 PM by DA Southern


Models of the Runway sees another designer and model become a victim to bad design. Of course, you have to feel a bit sorry for the girls whose fate is tied to a designer who may lose their mind during a challenge. With the realization that a nice payday is in their near future, you can bet all of the models will step up their schmoozing of the designers should Heidi decide to shake it up once again before the finale.

The models watched as Logan was called “Auwt” and Kogii was upset as her fate was tied to Logan on many a challenge. As Althea congratulated Tanisha for “Working” her design, you could see Irina seething in the background thinking she should have won.


Logan came into say goodbye and all of the models said they were going to miss him because they considered him “A genuine human being,” which is a great compliment in such a business as fashion.

Heidi talked to Kojii about losing her designer in Logan and Matar was worried that Gordana would not pick her again. Heidi was not really saying whether she was switching it up at the elimination and the issue of double-sided tape surfaced in the “There is a lot of drama around here” discussion.

Lisa and Kalyn were still talking about the double-stick tape and whether or not she enhanced herself with it. The drama continued about the tape but it really didn’t matter as neither of the models looked to be in danger of leaving.

Day of Model Elimination

The girls tried to prep their looks so as to appeal to the designers and most seemed confident as they headed to elimination. Heidi told the designers that a model could make or break them and that it was time to choose the models for the last challenge.


Althea had the first pick and she chose Tanisha. Carol Hannah decided on Lisa, Christopher gave Katie another nod, Irina continued her quest with Kalyn and Gordana, who has been known to switch things up, decided to stay with Matar, leaving Kojii “Auwt.”

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