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Project Runway: A Popular Designer Is Shocked To Leave

October 29, 2009 08:53 PM by DA Southern


Project Runway becomes Project Cut-throat as friendships are sheared like fabric on the workroom floor. Hype aside, you have got to love the promos for the show when Lifetime announces that “Friendships will be broken” as if anyone of them are there to become friends. If nothing else, we will wade through the hype to see if the episode truly does deliver the drama promised us.

The designers all sat around talking about who was the better designer and the girls thought they had the advantage as they headed off to see Heidi. The designers were told to face away from the runway and, as they did, the winning looks from the designers were put on the runway. Heidi told them that they were to design a companion look to the winning looks for the judges.


Tim Gunn told the designers that it was another one-day challenge and the budget was a skimpy one hundred bucks. After a quick sketch period, the designers began to think how they could make a great companion piece to their original design.

After the designers got back into the work studio, the claws came out as the stress of the challenge began to catch up to the designers. Christopher seemed to be worried about the way his design was going, but Logan was a bit more confident saying that he had a definite chance to get to Fashion Week, which means he is probably going home tonight.

Tim was in to check on the progress of the designs and stopped to chat with Carol Hannah first. Tim was not pleased with the way the back of the dress looked and Tim called Irina’s design “Unexpected.’ Tim visited with Christopher but worried that his design was too motherly looking compared to his other design. Althea’s design was a mess and Tim said that the design looked as though it was “Waiting for a diaper” at this point, but Althea has a way of pulling her designs out at the last moment. Logan’s design was exciting looking to Tim and Logan said he was “Turning up the volume” which is design talk for “I don’t know what I am doing yet.” Gordana said her design was a little bit rock and roll, which had Tim shaking his head.

Day of the Runway Show

The designers were scrambling to finish their designs with the two hours left before the models were to arrive. We find out that Irina had gotten a nickname of I-Mean-a, as she was not there to make friends with the other designers. Logan had decided to take up the mantle that Nicolas had left behind as the “Designer criticizer” and had his say about all of the other designs.

Heidi introduced the judges after talking about the challenge of designing companion looks to their winning designs. Christopher’s look was the first to be critiqued and the judges said that it didn’t work at all. Irina said that her look was an evening look to her formal look and the judges went all Lady Ga-Ga over it. Gordana‘s look was not as edgy as her first design and Heidi said it looked “Old and drab.” Carol Hannah‘s design was called “delicious looking” and Logan‘s look was hailed as a “fashion project,” which is not good at all. Althea‘s complement design was called “Fabulous” and “Gorgeous” but looked similar to Irina’s design in some ways.


Heidi and the judges thought that Irina’s design was classy and Althea and Carol Hannah rounded out the top of the class. Logan’s music video look, as it was described, garnered low scores for him and between Gordana and Christopher filling out the bottom of the barrel with him, it was tough to see whose design was hated more.


Carol Hannah was declared safe and Althea was given a rare victory by Heidi. Irina was called safe as was Christopher, which was a shock as much as the judges savaged his design. In a shocking elimination, Logan’s design was called “A design where zippers exploded” and he was sent to the work room to pack up his stuff.

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