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Survivor Samoa: Foa Foa Continues Their Tailspin

October 29, 2009 07:55 PM by DA Southern


Survivor: Samoa looks to make a scapegoat out of one of the survivors and Russell continues his ascendancy to the merge by planting seeds for the future. With all of the new drama, mixed with the old, and no official elimination last week, tensions will be high going into tribal council this week. Maybe we can go an episode without someone succumbing to the elements.

After Galu’s leader was excavated from the game, a plan was hatched by the men to make Shambo a pawn as the new leader of Galu to keep the women-folk in the tribe under control. When the guys said, “When we get to the jury numbers, then we can burn her” we knew it was a solid plan. Shambo, of course, was clueless as she just thinks everyone has her back. In a hurried hands-raised leadership vote, Shambo got the new leadership mantel and promised not to be bossy.


Foa Foa actually came back from tribal with a renewed spirit and even Russell thought they might have a shot, especially going into the merge. Oh, Russell still had his sights on Liz, but even he had to admit that she was good in the challenges.

The Reward Challenge

Host Jeff Probst greeted the survivors and told the survivors about the challenge. It was a wants vs needs challenge. The survivors had to lift coverings with various items under them and the survivors would collect points and items for the tribes.

Galu matched first and picked up a fire-starting kit for the tribe. Liz messed up a matching opportunity and Galu got the first point of the challenge. Galu quickly picked up two more points and easily cruised to another victory by a seven to four point spread leaving Foa Foa once again languishing in defeat. Shambo sent Laura over to Foa Foa to spy saying that, “I need to keep my guys strong for the next challenge” as the reason she was sending Laura. None of the women were buying it and the Galu guy’s devious plan was already reaping rewards.


As Galu was sailing the seven seas on their reward, Laura’s journey to Foa Foa was an eye opener and immediately Russell scooped her up to devise a plan. Russell said he had to use his “Houdini magic” on Laura to protect himself at the merge knowing that Foa Foa would not have the numbers. Russell’s hope was that he could take Laura to the final three with him and Natalie, “His little toy,” as he calls her. But, as we know, Russell has made that deal with everyone.

The Immunity Challenge

For immunity the tribes had to paddle out into the ocean to retrieve fish-shaped puzzle pieces. The first to solve the puzzle would be safe from tribal council. Foa Foa gained a sizable lead but Galu made up ground and started to snag the puzzle pieces. Foa Foa for once had a lead that seemed to give them an advantage but Galu was hot on their heels.


The teams were even as they started solving the puzzle and Liz seemed to have a strategy but Galu pulled away when they saw a pattern and once again, Foa Foa was burned at the end sending them to tribal council. Russell suddenly turned his laser focus on Jaison as he noticed that he just gave up during the challenge. Russell said that he needed to “Shake things up,” like he has never done that before.

Tribal Council

After Russell started to cast the seeds of doubt about Jaison, the others seemed overall defeated about the way they falter at the challenges. Russell even decided to confide in Liz about getting rid of Jaison as they headed to tribal.

Jeff quizzed them about the way they seem to keep losing and said that it was “The worse overall performance in the history of the game” by a tribe and after the survivors all lied about the trustworthiness of each other; Jeff sent them off to vote.


Jeff counted the votes and we know that Liz and Jaison each voted for each other. Liz picked up the next two votes and was gone. Jeff said it all when he told the remaining Foa Foa members, “You haven’t been too good at challenges, but you are great at blindsides.”

I think Russell made a huge error in judgment as Jaison is definitely weaker at challenges. It was probably a smart move for Russell to make moves to secure allies in the Galu tribe with Laura as the merge approaches, but I guess time will tell.

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