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Survivor: Samoa — Liz Lets It All Out

November 01, 2009 10:30 AM by Ryan Haidet


The Foa Foa tribe has dwindled down to just four members after they sent Liz Kim packing on Survivor: Samoa on CBS.  After her ouster, Liz chatted with reporters in a conference call where she talked about evil Russell, the torrential downpours and who she would like to see win the $1 million prize.


Question: Are you upset that Jaison did not get voted out after he said losing the Immunity Challenge was his fault?

Liz Kim:  It was disappointing, but Russell is a chauvinistic pig.  He’s intimidated by smart women.  And when a strong woman confronts him like Marisa, Betsy and eventually myself, he makes sure that they go home.  He never wanted to feel as if any woman was showing him up.  When I opened my mouth and I confronted him on the beach, it’s safer for him to keep a dead man walking like Jaison than it is to keep a live wire like myself.  There was no competition.  That’s why as pitiful a performance as Jaison gave at that last challenge, again I paid the price.  And it’s unfortunate because I feel like I was eliminated because I was a serious threat.  Actions speak for themselves and up to that point, I had done nothing but give 110 percent.


Question:  You mentioned early on in the game that you didn’t like Russell.  What tipped you off?

Liz:  The very first night when he was talking the Katrina story, I was sleeping right next to him.  He talked about how he turned his back, trying to fight his way out and his dog disappeared.  I have a dog.  I grew up with dogs, and I’m thinking, “Dude, your dog doesn’t just disappear like that.”  That’s when I was like, “Something isn’t adding up.  I don’t know what it is, but I’m not going to trust this guy.”  And when I confronted him on the beach two weeks later, I just asked him straight up, “I know you’re lying to me.”  I wasn’t loud about it, I wasn’t in his face about it.  I just put it out there and he flipped out.


Question:  What did you think when you saw the footage of Russell burning socks and dumping out the water?

Liz:  I was astounded.  I was sleeping (at the time) and I was like, “Oh my God, he really is as slimy as I thought.”  It just confirmed my suspicions.  It really did.  I am so glad I never fell for his slimy charm.  I’m so glad I wasn’t a part of the “Dumbass Girl Alliance,” because all of those women in my tribe just got hoodwinked.  At least I had the chance to see him for who he was.


Question: Don’t you think Russell is a good candidate to take to the end?

Liz:  Not necessarily.  I wouldn’t trust him to have my back till the end.  We can talk, and it all sound good and merry, but in practice — hell no!  I didn’t trust him from day one.  If I was in the merge, I wouldn’t trust him to watch my back till the end. Absolutely not.


Question:  Mick never seemed to act as a leader.  Is that how it was?

Liz:  Mick was definitely not a leader.  He was just one of us, because nobody wanted to be leader so I don’t blame him.  But on the other hand, just be inspirational, be motivational — be like Russell Swan.  He wasn’t.  He just really was not at all inspirational and he didn’t really call the shots for better or for worse.  He just really wasn’t a good leader.  Disappointing.


Question:  We saw people starting to lose their minds due to the rain.  How did the weather affect you?

Liz:  It was very demoralizing.  It made it really difficult for me to motivate to play the game.  I didn’t sign up to play the game in a torrential downpour.  The one thing I did before I got on that plane was to check the weather report, and it said dry season.

Question: What was your initial strategy?

Liz:  My strategy was to be flexible.  And it was to talk less, listen more and try to make it to the merge.  That really was my short-term goal.  I have full faith and confidence if we would have just won one challenge, I would’ve made it into the merge and deep into the game.  We had already, by the time it was down to five, we had already shed and voted off the most corrosive and annoying and weakest elements in our tribe.


Question:  With the merge coming next week, do you think the four Foa Foa members have a chance to shake things up in Galu?

Liz:  Only if they stick together, and I don’t think that’s likely.  As much as I’d like to see a Foa Foa member in the finals, Russell is setting himself up because he’s formed a secret alliance with Laura. …  It will naturally divide our tribe, and I just don’t know.  Each of them are on their own and I hope they can prove to be the swing vote, because that’s what will end up being.  I feel that’s what they will end up being in the merge.


Question:  If you could pick the winner right now, who would it be?

Liz:  Mick, Erik or David.  Mick because so far he hasn’t ruffled any feathers, and he comes across very personable and sincere.  He does what he can, but not too much.  I think he can make it far enough in the game.  Erik because he strategized, and he has the Idol.  He’s playing a little bit too aggressively, but again, he can because he’s got the Idol.  David is smart.  He’s got a good head on his shoulders.  And as we’ve seen, he’s the one calling the shots, it’s not Shambo.”


Images courtesy of CBS.

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