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So You Think You Can Dance: Another 2 Dancers Gone

November 03, 2009 09:19 PM by Lisa Princ


Just as we watched both Ariana & Brandon go home last week on So You Think You Can Dance on FOX, two more unlucky dancers would be sent home this week. Personally, I love this part of the competition because as the dancers get to know their partners better, things always heat up and the real competition begins. While some dancers set the stage on fire tonight, others could not even ignite it. Nigel even admitted that his heart was broken tonight as part of the history making we have seen so far in season 6 has been diminished.

Prior to all the excitement and fireworks on So You Think You Can Dance, we did manage to get some good news. Nigel announced that Billy Bell would be eligible to return next season in the top 100 in Vegas, he would not have to audition again. He also informed us that FOX has agreed to allow Brandon Dumlao to return next season as he was not originally chosen for the Top 20 of season 6. We look forward to seeing you both back in season 7!

We had fire and fireworks tonight on the stage of So You Think You Can Dance. Kevin and Karen smoked us out with a hip hop routine, which was Kevin’s forte. They had done latin last week which was Karen’s style, so I was not sure how she would do in his style, but she rocked the house. I have a feeling we will be seeing Karen in the top 5 as that girl can move it. Ryan and Ellenore also blew us away as they danced flawlessly regardless of her dress getting stuck on her shoes for a while there. Also on the hot list tonight were Nathan and Mollee, as well as Kathryn and Legacy.


We also had those who tried desperately to get that fire ignited tonight on So You Think You Can Dance on FOX, but could not no matter how hard they tried. Channing and Phillip struggled during their routine and looked terrified during their lifts. Phillip was very stiff and did not look comfortable doing the routine at all. Noelle and Russell were good, but were they good enough? Nigel explained to Russell that while he was good last week, the bar has been set so high, he needs to up his game. Bianca and Victor struggled as well, and did not get into their characters well at all. After the judges deliberated, they decided the bottom 4 whom would have to perform solo were: Bianca, Victor, Phillip and Noelle.

Ultimately, it was the judges decision as to whom would get sent home and Nigel stated it was not unanimous. So tonight we lost two of our tap dancers as Bianca and Phillip were sent home. I am so sorry to see them go, I was starting to think may have been the year of the tappers. Best of luck to both of them, and we will still have Peter representing the tappers.

Tune in next week as the top 8 couples compete again on So You Think You Can Dance on FOX, and we draw closer to meeting to our top 10. Don’t forget America starts voting next week as well, so be sure to tune in and vote for your favorite! Come and have your say on all the dancers, or just your favorites on our messageboards.

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