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Ghost Hunters: Buffalo Bill’s Grave

November 05, 2009 12:20 AM by Ryan Haidet


Although Halloween has passed, SyFy has unleashed an all-new episode of Ghost Hunters.  The TAPS team went to Golden, Colorado, to the grave site of Buffalo Bill Cody to see what kind of paranormal activity they could capture alongside a special ghost investigator — an actor from ‘Warehouse 13.’  Once they arrived, a tour guide gave them some history of the site while discussing some ghostly experiences that have occurred there.

Buffalo Bill Haunting

The tour guide said some people believe the artifacts inside the museum still have spirits attached.  Then there are small dolls that have reportedly flew off shelves and landed on their feet.  Outdoors, a staff person had fallen down some stairs, and that person believes she was pushed by something.  After the traditional tour, the TAPS team turned all of the lights off and started their search for spirits.

Eddie McClintock, who was the guest investigator, quickly freaked himself out when he stepped inside a room.  Upon investigating, Jason and Grant realized there were high EMF readings inside, which often make people feel weird.  Jason and Grant went outside next and found some towers surrounding the property were giving off extremely high EMF readings, which they felt were making anybody feel weird.

Steve and Tango went outside to investigate the staircase in which somebody claimed to have been pushed down.  They thought it was possible the person could have been embarrassed by falling and said they were pushed in an effort to save face.  There was also some gravel at the stairs, which could have been the cause behind somebody falling.  Next, the guys went back inside to try and re-create or debunk a white mist that somebody had once experienced inside.  They didn’t see anything as they sat there and held an EVP session.

They quickly called the investigation over and started to analyze all of the evidence.  They captured one piece of audio, but Jason and Grant were suspicious of the sound because they believed there were 100 possible things it could be.

During the reveal, Jason and Grant told the tour guide all about the high EMF readings coming from the location.  They told her that although they didn’t really have any paranormal experience, that they would be more than willing to come back after all of the EMF-spouting towers are removed.

Back In Georgia

For the second investigation of the episode, the TAPS team went to Eatonton, Georgia.  They were seeking spirits at a place called Oakland Hall where some have reportedly experienced shadow people, electronics shut off on their own, foul smells and objects moving on their own.  After their tour, the TAPS team shut all of the lights out and officially started their investigation.

The investigation began with Steve and Tango up in the attic where a rocking horse had reportedly moved on its own.  Quickly, they heard a very loud scratching sound, which really freaked them out.  They couldn’t determine the source, so Jason and Grant decided to investigate the attic next.  Once up there, the pair challenged any spirit to move the rocking horse, but after nothing strange happened for them, they left the attic and continued their work downstairs.

In the living room, they tried to discover what would cause the DVD player and television to suddenly shut off.  Moments after having them both on, both quickly shut down.  Although they couldn’t determine what caused it, Jason and Grant had an electrician check the home to see what was causing the issue.

After wrapping up their search, they revealed what they found, including some electrical issues that caused a few of the paranormal experiences.  They also played a piece of audio they believed was the voice of something.  A ghost?  That’s for you to decide.

Images courtesy of SyFy.

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