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Models of the Runway: There Are Only Three Now

November 05, 2009 10:11 PM by DA Southern


Models of the Runway will give us the top three models that are headed to Fashion Week with their designers and you can bet that the designers will not switch up their models, unless instructed to by Heidi. Whoever is “Auwt” tonight on the designer side, will pretty much determine who is headed to the Big Runway as the designers have no intention of upsetting the apple cart at this point in the process.

The models watched Christopher and Gordana get the boot and knew that their fates were inexplicably tied to the designers. Matar and Katie were fairly sure they were going and even Gordana said she was sorry that Matar was headed home before the elimination. Katie was quizzed by Heidi about her chances to go to Bryant Park, but Heidi didn’t really give any indication as to how the final elimination would be going.


To make them feel better, Heidi told them that a couple of skin care people would see them at the apartment. I guess nothing says “Sorry two of you are leaving” like skin care treatments.

After the models had a skin treatment, the talk again centered on who would be chosen in the last elimination. Matar and Katie prayed for a Heidi shake up, but it was probably not going to happen at this stage of the competition.


Heidi told the designers that choosing their model was a very important decision, trying to build the drama up for us even though it looked to be a foregone conclusion. I can’t see Irina choosing a different model, nor Carol Hannah, but Althea could change things up.


Althea picked Tanisha and it didn’t look good for Matar and Katie at this point. Carol Hannah picked Lisa, once again, and Irina finished off the inevitable fate of the two and picked Kalyn to round out the top three. Katie and Matar were given their send-off kisses by Heidi but at least they got some great skin care out of the deal.

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