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Project Runway: The Top Three Are Chosen For Fashion Week

November 05, 2009 09:54 PM by DA Southern


Project Runway has narrowed it down to the final five in Gordana, Irina, Carol Hannah, Althea and the male standout, Christopher, being the surprise among the group. While the females have definitely been the stronger designers this season, you have got to admit that the men have kept it interesting, if nothing else but with the generous running commentaries they were know for. Come to think of it, Christopher was the only male who didn’t seem to have a running commentary about the other designers and look where he is. Go figure. I guess he spent more time concentrating on his designs instead of running his mouth.

You could cut the tension with a knife as Althea and Irina were still at odds over a perceived design that was copied and Christopher was lamenting that he thought that there would be more guys in the end. On the Runway, Heidi told the designers that it was the last challenge before the cut for New York Fashion Week and that Tim would guide the designers to the place for inspiration for their last challenge.


The Getty Center was the backdrop for the final challenge. Tim Gunn was with the Mayor of LA to welcome the designers and told the designers that they were to draw inspiration from the Getty Center for their final design. For an extra bit of fun, the designer’s models were along for the walk-thru to help them, I guess. The great thing about this challenge was that it was an uncharacteristic two day challenge, which isn’t necessarily always good as it gives the designers more time to second guess their designs.


Tim was in to see the design progress from each designer on day two. Christopher’s inspiration was a fountain and Tim didn’t think it was a “Wow” design just yet. Carol Hannah’s design was based on an old bed and Tim was worried about the design “Losing its sophistication”; Irina’s design was called “Road Kill” by Tim and it was a first for Irina to be criticized so harshly by Tim. Althea’s design was based on the architecture of the Getty Center and Tim said it looked like a “Panel of puckering”, (try saying that five times fast); Gordana’s design was the closest to representing the actual painting that she chose for her inspiration and Tim was very impressed with the overall design to that point.

Day of the Runway Show

The pace was hectic on the morning of the Runway Show and Christopher was uncharacteristically calm as the show drew near. You don’t think this will be an all girls final, do you? Tim gave the designers the final call and Irina was confident that Christopher was definitely in trouble and then told us that Althea’s design was not well constructed. It’s good to see that Irina has taken up the mantel of workroom critic. I wondered who was going to step up and fill those shoes. Unfortunately, the critics usually go down swinging, but I can’t see Irina doing so unless her design disintegrates on the Runway.


Heidi greeted the designers and told them that there would be two designers eliminated tonight. The judges were introduced and Cindy Crawford was on the panel to help score the designs. The dresses looked pretty incredible and it was hard to see what the judges cared for.

Althea’s pleating design was questioned and it wasn’t looking great for her and Heidi summed it up when she said “It was a bit of a mess.” Irina’s gown was called a bit “Old Lady” by Nina Garcia. Gordana’s painting-inspired dress was called a “Perfectly made dress” but Nina said she wished that Gordana had taken more chances. Carol Hanna’s French bed design inspiration was called “Safe”, but Cindy Crawford said she did not see the connection to the bed. Christopher’s fountain-inspired design was called “Heavy” and it didn’t seem as if any of the designs were home runs from the judge’s standpoint.


Heidi quizzed all of the designers as to why they should be at Fashion Week and who should be along with them. It was interesting to hear each of the designers say who should be with them at Fashion Week and you could clearly tell that Irina was not a favorite even though she has been consistently in the top in every challenge.

Heidi said Althea was “A mess” and looked to be in trouble; Irina, I believe was safe; Christopher was on the edge; Carol Hannah was called “Quite safe” in her overall design style and Gordana’s design was called the closest to matching the inspiration from the Getty Center but her work for the season was called “Hit and Miss.”


Heidi called Irina’s name for the first to be headed to Fashion Week and then called Christopher “Auwt”, meaning we will have an all-girl final. Carol Hannah said her dress was beautifully made and she, too was headed to fashion week. Althea and Gordana were then critiqued one last time and Althea, even though her dress was called “A mess” by Heidi, was still given her golden ticket to Fashion Week, leaving Gordana “Auwt”, which was a surprise as her dress was truly very pretty.

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