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Survivor: Samoa — Tribes Merge, Scrambling Starts

November 05, 2009 09:04 PM by Ryan Haidet


Night 18 at Foa Foa, the remaining four tribe members returned to camp after voting off Liz from Survivor: Samoa.  They were talking about sticking together in the merge, which they were hoping would happen soon.  Their wish was granted really quickly because Galu and Foa Foa soon became one.  But not before some drama over at the Galu camp.

Laura felt like there was a lot of tension around camp between her and Shambo.  There was some sort of dispute about a canteen, so Shambo asked about the power struggle they had between one another.  Shambo said she was done with Laura because she is the type of girl in high school who would snub her nose at others for no reason.

Aiga Emerges

Treemail arrived and told the tribes to follow their leader.  Russell believed it was the merge approaching, so he dug his Immunity Idol out of the Foa Foa dirt and stuffed it into a sock — good thing he didn’t burn all of the socks, huh?  Sorry Jaison.


Foa Foa and Galu approached each other on the beach to find a treasure chest in the middle of the beach.  Mick pulled out the letter from inside and announced they were now a merged tribe that would be living at Galu’s old camp.  Then they moved to feast on a huge layout of food with chicken, cheeses, drinks and a whole lot more.


Wearing their new vibrant blue buffs, everybody seemed really excited and thrilled to finally have reached the merge — a true accomplishment for any Survivor contestant.


Russell sat back and watched as his tribe mates worked to stay steps ahead by bringing some of the Galu members under their wing.  Moments later, Monica fed him a bunch of grapes.  “Who gets grapes fed to them?  The kings do,” he said arrogantly in a confessional.


On Day 19, the Foa Foa tribe was given a tour of their new camp, which Natalie was ecstatic about.  When they picked a new tribe name, Brett suggested Aiga, which is apparently Samoan for extended family.  How on earth does he know that?!?!  Seriously.


Russell Works On Galu

Day 20, Shambo was working around the fire when Russell pulled Laura aside and showed her his hidden Immunity Idol.  He promised her that if she took him to the top seven that he would hand it over to her.  But she wasn’t falling for any of his offers.  “Desperate people do desperate things,” she said in a confessional. She showed him her attitude by saying she is running the show, which was a major mistake.

Russell felt like she needed to do more listening or she would be in trouble.  So he pulled Monica aside and did the exact same thing by showing her the Idol.  Monica struck a deal with him, but he didn’t think she was completely sincere.  But his mission was set in motion — he wanted to get rid of Laura quickly.

But Russell wasn’t done there — he showed John the Idol, too, and fed him the same story.  John was much easier to convince.  “I think because Russell’s an aggressive player and he realizes that maybe having a relationship with someone like me is something that can be very very beneficial to him in this game,” John said.  Russell said his people would be voting for Laura and he needed some Galu members on his side.

Another evil Russell seed was planted.  “I’ll honor what I say right now,” Russell said while shaking hands and looking John right in the eye.

Next, the evil strategist (or shall I say brilliant) moved to work his magic on Shambo.  He quickly learned that Shambo despises Laura, so he strongly campaigned against her enemy.  After striking a deal, Russell took all of his former Foa Foa members aside and told them Laura was their target.

Boring Stickball


At the first individual Immunity Challenge, it was a simple game of Survivor tee-ball.  The person with the highest score from the men and from the women would win Immunity.  After the boring, simple challenge, John won Immunity for the men while Laura won it for the women.  The intended target was now wearing safety around her neck.


Quick, make a new plan Russell!

Scheming Gets Scrambled

After the challenge, Russell approached Shambo and pushed to take out Monica.  But that didn’t seem like such a simple plan.  Russell felt like he was now being targeted.

Laura grabbed Erik and said she knew Russell had the Idol, so they concocted a scheme to flush it out.  That’s when strategy went crazy.  Erik approached Jaison, Mick and Natalie asking them to cast a ballot against Monica without telling Russell about it.  That way Russell feels threatened and might play the Idol.


But Jaison didn’t like being pushed around, so he started a plan to take out Erik.

Idol Played

At Aiga’s first Tribal Council, trust was a big topic of discussion.  Erik said Foa Foa really has nothing to offer the members of Galu, who have twice as many tribe members.  He broke down the entire Foa Foa tribe, which Jaison had a major issue with.  Then Erik’s cocky attitude ran the show at Tribal Council and he kept on spouting off his mouth.

After everybody voted, Russell jumped up in a big hurry to play his Immunity Idol, which surprised Jeff Probst.  Russell didn’t need to play the Idol at all since he didn’t have a single vote cast against him.

When it came to the vote, Erik’s mouth was shut for good after he was blindsided a big vote, which knocked him out of the competition.  He, like others in Survivor history, went walking out of the game with an Idol in his pocket.

Russell and his minions have started to infiltrate.  Remember the story of David and Goliath?  The little tribe of four has begun attacking the giant Galu group. Let me interject my thoughts here.  While some may think Russell’s decision to show everybody his Immunity Idol was a bad decision, I completely disagree.  It was a trust-building object he used to gain a potential ally.  I think it was a much better scheme than keeping the Idol secret.  Had he held onto it without anybody knowing and he got caught with it later in the game, he would absolutely be an immediate target.  I think he played it exactly right.

Hang on to your hats and socks, Galu.  You’re about to be burned by evil Russell.  Game on!


Images courtesy of CBS.

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