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Supernanny: Phelps Family

November 06, 2009 08:13 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on Supernanny on ABC Jo Frost travels to Alabama to help the Phelps family tame their 3 out of control sons. Mom says she has 4 boys as Dad does not help her discipline them. Dad, however is tired of Mom’s constant spanking as discipline and would prefer a gentler method. Will Jo be able to help this family before it’s too late and turn these boys around?

Amy and Jimmy Phelps reside in a quaint Alabama town with their 3 rambunctious boys; Jacob age 9, Brody age 5, and Aiden age 2 1/2.
Amy called Supernanny in a desperate plea for help. As the observation began, Jo is stunned by the lack of safety as Aiden falls down the stairs. Next, she notices a bedroom, with the bed covered in laundry which she later finds out is where 2 year old Aiden should be sleeping. Aiden, however is still co sleeping with mom and dad. Amy admits that Aiden is her “comfort blanket” and she is not ready to put him in his own bed.

Next, Supernanny notices lunch filled with chocolate and sugar loaded drinks. When she confronts Amy about it, she reluctantly admits that she is just too lazy to cook meals. But what has gotten Jo the most frustrated is the spanking. Amy using spanking as her only form of discipline. When Jimmy arrives home from work Jo fills him in on what she has observed so far and he agrees that the spanking needs to end. He admits that he would love a more positive, less painful form of discipline.


As Jo Frost sits down with the parents for their meeting, she immediately notices how angry Amy becomes when called out on her spanking. Jo explains that Amy needs to stop spanking and she goes over her time out rules. Both parents admit that the disagreeing on discipline is tearing their relationship apart and Amy promises to try and stop spanking. Jo then explains that they must put Aiden to sleep in his own bed to create a healthy sleep habit. She lets Amy know compassionately that she understands why she is doing it, but for the sake of her son she needs to stop.

Supernanny then has a surprise for the boys as she lets them decide what to have to eat for dinner from a menu she made and hands them special chef hats and aprons. The boys are overjoyed to be able to not only choose a healthy meal, but to help prepare it. Later, she has Amy put Aiden to bed in his own bed with strict rules to let him cry and keep putting him back in there. Amy pushes through it even though you can see it was tearing her apart. It did pay off as after about an hour and many tears, Aiden was fast asleep in his own bed for the first time ever!

After Jo Frost of  Supernanny on ABC goes over her time out method a few more times, she heads off for a few days to see how Amy & Jimmy will fair on their own. Surprisingly, she comes back to find they were not following the rules properly and Amy has resorted back to spanking. At this point, she knew she had to get serious with Amy. Jimmy, Amy and Supernanny sat down and had a good talk, followed by some tears in which both parents realized how serious this was and how it was affecting their marriage. Both Amy and Jimmy agree to continue with the time outs vs. spanking.

By the time she left, Jo Frost had made a huge impact on this family as Amy was using time out and was not losing her cool with her sons. Instead Amy and Jimmy were giving them compliments and making chores a little more fun for the kids. Once again, Supernanny saves the day!

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