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Amazing Race 15: There’s More To Sweden Than Pancakes

November 08, 2009 07:29 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight, only five teams remain on the The Amazing Race as they head off to Stockholm, Sweden. Teams will have to complete a challenge that took place on a previous season, which was so hard that it took one team 8 hours to complete. Tensions are at an all-time high and fighting causes several teams to lose focus. Find out which team, if any, was eliminated…

Sam and Dan are the first to head to Stockholm, Sweden, where they must take a train to an amusement park.  When the teams reach the airport, they discover they must spend the night there in order to take the 6 am flight. The two teams that don’t make it on the flight are Gary and Matt and Brian and Ericka.

When they reach the amusement park, each team must take a ride, which will provide them with a 23 story high view, and spot an arrow where their next clue is. Then they must complete a ring toss and retrieve a Travelocity gnome, which they must keep with them during the leg. Sam and Dan and Meghan and Cheyne are in the lead, with Big Easy and Flight Time close behind.



Nobel Dynamite – teams must fill sandbags around a bunker, set off an explosion which will reveal their next clue. Viking Alphabet – teams must decode a message using ancient Viking letters.

When the second group finally reaches Sweden, Brian and Ericka manage to make it on the train headed to the amusement park, whereas Gary and Matt trail behind. Although things are looking desperate, they are determined to not give up.


Flight Time and Big Easy finally catch up to Meghan and Cheyne and Sam and Dan at the detour. They all opt for the Nobel Dynamite challenge. Sam and Dan discover that they quickest way to fill the sandbags is with their hands – not the tiny shovel provided – and they are first to complete the challenge. After completing the detour, teams must drive to Bogs farm, where a daunting task awaits them.


Teams encounter a huge field of hay. Teams must unroll large bails of hay in order to spot a clue. The task was also on a previous episode of The Amazing Race, and one team was out there for over 8 hours before forfeiting.

Sam and Dan are the first to arrive and they are constantly bickering. Everything Sam does, Dan yells and critiques him. Dan tells us that it’s okay because he stopped listening to Sam about 10 years ago. Meghan and Cheyne arrive, who are also fighting, and Meghan takes the lead.  Bad idea. She can barely unroll the bail. Meanwhile, Gary and Matt and Brian and Ericka are both finishing up the detour.


Big Easy and Flight Time end up blowing past the other teams when Easy finds a clue almost immediately. They make their way to the pitstop. Lo and behold, Gary and Matt and Brian and Ericka come running around the corner and now it’s anyone’s game. Meghan is starting to have an emotional breakdown when she sees the other teams, but all the sudden she finds it and they are the second team to the pitstop. Then Brian finds one, which leaves Gary and Matt and Sam and Dan to battle it out.

At last, Sam finds a flag and they are the fourth team to the pitstop. Dan has a realization that he was a total jerk and starts crying. Three hours later, Gary finally finds a flag and they make their way to the pitstop to find out that it is a non-elimination leg. They are still in the race, but will encounter a speed bump on the next leg.


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