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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: The Terpenning Family and Kellie Pickler!

November 08, 2009 06:59 PM by Candace Young


This week on ABC‘s Extreme Makeover Home Edition, the design team joins Ty Pennington, and country star Kellie Pickler and her nine year-old brother, Eric, on the bus. They’re headed to Beavercreek Ohio to visit the Terpenning family. James Terpenning is a wheelchair-bound, athlete and mentor to disabled Iraq war veterans. Crippled by polio during infancy and abandoned by his American G.I. father in Vietnam, James lives with his wife, Shannon, and their children, as well as Joe – Jame’s brother – who has cerebral palsy and is also in a wheelchair.

On Door Knock Day, Ty hollers at the family to come on out, and they share hugs and greetings. James is thrilled to see Kellie Pickler – they are great fans of her music. James tears up as he struggles to express his thanks the the team. Kellie says she’s so glad she brought Eric – this is something he’ll remember always. Ty tells the family they’re going to Walt Disney World Resort.

Ty takes a tour of the house, and notes it’s not working for anyone – there’s precious little space as it is, let alone trying to accommodate two wheelchairs. Ed and Didiayer visit with the children to try to discern what they like, so as to decide on themes for their bedrooms.

Outside, James gives Ty a demonstration on how to play wheelchair basketball. Ty explains that he is a mentor for others who play the game. James admits to Ty that he would love to try scuba diving – that’s the one thing he hasn’t checked off his list.

Michael visits with Joe to hear about what he likes. James shows Ty, back in the house, how he navigates the stairs wearing his leg braces. Ty notes what a hero James is to battle polio, while proving that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Back outside, the Terpenning family is greeted by a huge group of volunteers, as well as builder, Rob Arnold, who will head up the project. The family sets off on vacation, with a mystery gift from Ty in their hands.extreme_makeover_terpenning_kellie_pickler_abcnews3

The house is packed up, and demolition with sledgehammers ensues. Kellie is dubbed The Picklerator due to her enthusiasm for destroying things.

The foundation is done by Day Three, and they’re ready to start framing. Ed and Kellie confer on the little girl’s room, deciding on a treasure hunt theme. Didiayer is working on a building block theme for the little boy’s room. Michael is out collecting items for movie/Disney lover, Joe’s, room. The baby’s room will get the peek-a-boo treatment!

On their vacation, the Terpenning family learns that James will get his opportunity to scuba dive. His family watches him with enthusiasm.

Back in Ohio, Kellie Pickler says this is the most important thing she’s ever been a part of – she acknowledges the volunteers, and sings a couple of songs, saying it’s the least she could do. Kellie notes that when you are there in person for an Extreme Makeover Home, it’s magical!

Soon, it’s time for the Terpenning family limo to pull up alongside the bus. The family is floored by the sight of their new home when the bus is moved at Ty’s signal. They thank Rob Arnold from Coventry Fine Homes. Kellie Pickler has to leave for a concert, but tells the little girl to look for a surprise in her room.


The Terpenning family goes inside their new home, and marvels at the space for the wheelchairs. Jocelyn, the young daughter, discovers Kellie’s sparkly princess shoes in her room, then plays dress-up with Ty and Ed! Jacob and Justin check out their new building block themed room, and Joe loves his Disney movie room. James and the baby, Joshua, go into his new room,which is accessible so that James can now help out.

Shannon and James are awed by their fabulous, and accessible, master bedroom. They learn that their kids’ tuition has been paid for. Next, it’s out to the backyard, where an accessible playground has been constructed – all paid for by CVS Pharmacy. James is thrilled that he can play with the kids.


James Terpenning cries as he remarks that he didn’t know he’d touched this many lives – being a gold-medal winning paralympian – but they all came out to help him and his family. Ty welcomes the Terpenning family home.

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Photos Courtesy: AFMC, Dayton Daily News

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