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So You Think You Can Dance: Top 16 Results Show!

November 11, 2009 07:02 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on FOX, we’ll see the first results of the audience voting on this season’s So You Think You Can Dance. With controversy over the new stage, and the judges choice to send home the tap-dancers last week, Americans have been eager for the opportunity to make their voices heard. Who will go home from the Top 16? Read more to find out…

So You Think You Can Dance opens tonight’s results show with a tribal dance from the Top 16 dancers complete with shields and headdresses! The song is True Warriors.

Cat Deeley comes out and says she hates results shows, noting it’s not much fun for the judges either – she introduces them. It’s time to bring out the first three couples.

Ellenore and Ryan are in the spotlight first – their hip hop routine wasn’t the best last night, according to the judges. America agreed – they’re in the bottom three. Adam says he’s not surprised, but he’s excited to see their solos.

Channing and Victor, who danced together for the first time last night, and who did a contemporary routine, are on the hot seat next. The judges thought they did a great job, though Nigel wanted more. After the vote, they are safe.


Kathryn and Legacy did a Broadway number last night, and are called forward by Cat. The judges were impressed by Legacy, who showed a lot of growth. Cat announces that they’re safe as well!

Ashleigh and Jakob are the next under pressure. They got props last night in their Mandy Moore jazz routine, and the audience were in complete agreement – the pair is safe!

Pauline and Peter put on a really entertaining show last night. Cat calls them forward, but has to tell them that they will dance for their lives.

Noelle and Russell also got kudos from the judges last night, as they performed a tribal themed dance. Nigel even told Russel he would be one of the stars of this season. Noelle and Russell are safe.


Karen and Kevin did a hustle routine to open the show last night. Nigel was delighted with Kevin’s growth, and Mary called Karen the hustle queen! There is a mixed reaction to the news that they are in the bottom three.

Mollee and Nathan, who did a sexy salsa on Tuesday night, are the last in the spotlight – the judges weren’t impressed, but surprisingly, they are safe!

The six dancers have a moment to prepare for their solos as the Alvin Ailey dance troupe performs a dramatic contemporary piece.


Ellenore is the first to dance her solo. She does a lyrical dance, that is solid. Next is Ryan who does a swing dance to Big Voodoo Daddy – he looks like he’s having fun. Pauline comes out and does a contemporary dance to a Chelley song – the audience is appreciative.


Peter taps for his life next with no musical accompaniment, and really gets the crowd going! Karen does a sultry salsa amid lots of cheering. Finally, it’s Kevin onstage. He does a hip hop dance with some pop and lock. Cat tells him it was well done, then hands the decision over to the judges.

After the break, Nigel gives the six who danced for their lives a real dressing down, saying that none of them gave a good enough performance considering how close they are to the great performances of season six. When the audience makes it’s disapproval known, Nigel tells them to shut up for a moment!


Nigel tells Karen that her sensuality may make her unpopular, then tells Ellenore that her performance wasn’t as good as it should have been, last, he calls Pauline forward and tells her that she has gotten by on personality so far – and she will be the one going home tonight.


Nigel calls Ryan forward and tells him his acrobatics aren’t up to par, he then tells Peter that he hasn’t shown star quality yet. Finally, he tells Kevin he’s improving and will stay. Ultimately, Peter, another tap dancer, is told he will be going home tonight.


Don’t forget to tune into FOX next Tuesday for So You Think You Can Dance, when the Top 14 perform!

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